Meowbox – March 2015

Better late than never!!


1. Edible Animal Treats – Pawbreakers [Link here] – Seriously, it’s a jawbreaker for cats made of cat nip … sitting ignored in their play box. I think it’s too big! – $2.99
2. Amazing Pet Products – It’s Alive! Hedgehog [Link here] – A hedgehog with a pull string and it vibrates for a while – neither cat was too interested after it stopped vibrating. They should make one that vibrates for a few minutes at least. – $3.79
3. Rollover – Seafood Mini Bites [Link here] – Little seafood pellets. Basil and PC loves it! – $3.99
4. Chilly Dogs – Barn Yarn Animals [Link here] – It came with one big yarn animal and one smaller one. PC loves them both. The moment I opened the bag, she ran away with the big one. – $3.49×2
5. Zukes – Soft Treats G*ZEES [Link here] – It’s a Daily & Hip Joint supplement for cats but …our cats are babies so they’re just treats to us – $4.99
6. Tiny Timmy’s – Dirty Flea Soap [Link here] – Have not used it but since our cats are indoor-cats, we don’t really have a use for it. Also, imagine trying to lather up your cat with it…. It’s already a fiasco when they try to shower with the cat shampoo – $6 for a bar
7. Amazing Pet Products – Three Sparkly Mice [Link here] – Colourful mice trio. They chewed off their tails but ignored them soon after :( – $1.89

Total Value: ~$26

The treats and the catnip toys alone make the box great! And if they get bored, we just rotate their toys. I think getting a Meowbox is a good investment if you have pets and are constantly going to the pet store to get them toys. Meowbox sources local goods so you know (most likely) they are not contaminated with anything harmful.


Here’s a picture of PC with her barn yarn animal monkey.

Moments in February 2015


1) Post 5 photos within the first week of the next month
E.g. Post 5 photos taken in January during the first week of February
2) It can be anything you want as long as you took it during that month
3) Write a sentence (or more) about the photo

I apologize for my lateness! I was just not on my computer that much (other than work). But no more! Here I am.

Also, I thought I had tons of February photos but I didn’t LOL. I forgot the SD card for my camera even though I brought the camera around. And deleted random photos on my phone that I thought I didn’t need. woops.

Let’s start off with my favourite. (Sorry, PC) You may have seen this on my instagram but that could be a different pose. LOL. I’m just reaching for straws now.

This is the first burger I’ve had since eating meat again. Question – why is the meat bigger than the bun, Wimpy’s? BP said – what if I wanted to eat meat and then eat meat with bun. UM?

On the day we were supposed to go to thing but ended up going to Fancy Franks. Here’s their menu!

On one of my days off, we ended up going to Playdium. Since we had the place to ourselves (mostly), BP played on flappy tickets the entire time.

I’ll end the post with PC. Yea, I realized I took a lot of cat pics but not much of other stuff cause I deleted them and they’re already on my instagram.

Lunch at Fancy Franks

Well, we were on our way to Patois for brunch but then realized too late that it was not open for brunch on Saturday. Since we were already downtown, we decided to check out Fancy Franks.


It’s a small-ish place on College and it had communal seating – which seems to be a trend nowadays. Rub elbows with a stranger! Well, since it was a hotdog place, I didn’t really mind.

At first, you are overwhelmed with a big selection of different types of franks. I ended up ordering the Fancy 90210 which is bacon, avocado and tomatoes on a frank. BP ended up ordering the chili and poutine.

You are also able to customize your franks with these toppings.

The Fancy 90210 was delicious. And if you go there hungry, make sure to order a side because that one frank is not going to fill you up. As heard from my neighbour, he could eat another one! The franks taste like the meat in sausage rolls.

The poutine was delicious but tasted like regular poutine. To me, poutine is..well…poutine. The only time I would ever notice a difference is when the poutine uses different potatoes instead of fries or they use shoe string fries (don’t do that!!). They also have different types of poutine you can order.

The chili was also good but again, it tasted like chili to me. It was very meaty – not too liquidy which is good. I ended up using the leftovers in mac and cheese.

All in all, it was a good place to go. I don’t have a mouth big enough to eat those fancy burgers but with franks, it’s small enough to fit. Haha.

Fancy Franks
326 College Street, Toronto, Ontario

Visit their website for their other location

Meowbox – February 2015

So… I felt kinda bad because I usually spend more time/pay more attention/take more pictures of Basil. I decided to get PC her own Meowbox!

God – even the handwriting looked nicer. I wonder if there’s a person who does cat names from A-L and then another for M-Z.

Here is what the box looks like once you open the feather flap.

1. Greenies – The Original Smart Treat [Link here] – Dental cat treats; has a strong smell but the kids love it – $3.39
2. From the Field – Sammy Saturn [Link here] – Catnip toy; I have not taken it out of the bag because it looks really really messy. I just put it away after PC kept rubbing herself on it. It’s so potent even through the bag. – $11.10
3. Snack21 – Pacific Whiting [Link here] – Natural cat treats made in Canada; I have not opened this bag before but we’ve received other Snack21 goods from Meowbox before and Basil loves them – they’re a little tough to chew for PC – $7.83
4. The Empurrium – Teaser Wand Cat Toy [Link here] – aka the BEST cat toy we’ve received so far – It’s a really simply toy, a stick, an elastic-ey string, a feather and a bell but it’s so effective! Basil has gotten kinda lazy lately but this toy has got him running around like crazy – $ N/A
5. Jerry Kurlz – Road Runner [Link here] – Some straw-like material with a feather; PC played with it once, that’s it. – $1.99
6. Petlinks – Bug Catch Toy [Link here] – A catnip toy that crinkles; PC played with it once – ~$3

TOTAL ~$27 not including the awesome feather wand toy!!

This month’s box was definitely awesome :)

PC reflecting on what she was doing earlier.

That catnip really got to her.