DIY Cat Treats

As some of you may know, BP and I feed Basil and Princess Caroline home made raw cat food following this recipe. However, our cat treats are still store bought. We try to purchase the freeze dried variety with only one ingredient – chicken or liver but cats get sick of food just like humans so we try to give them variety of other “healthy” cat treats.

BP forgot to take another jar out of our freezer to thaw for tonight so he joked that we should just feed them treats for dinner or even tuna, which gave me a great idea to make my own cat treats. NOTE: We are not actually going to feed our cat purely cat treats today!!


DIY Cat Treats

1 can of tuna
1 cup of binding agent* (see below)
1 tablespoon of catnip
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 egg

Binding agent – I used half tapioca starch and half potato starch. Okay, maybe a teensy more tapioca starch. I would advise more potato than tapioca.
You could also use other flours but keep in mind that cats can’t really digest them as well. But for treats, I don’t think we can find another solution.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees celsius
2. Throw all ingredients in a bowl and mix well or you could also use your food processor for an even better blend.
3. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and place cat treat batter. Feel free to shape it however you like.
4. Bake for 15-20 minutes (could be sooner if you use a different binding agent and also depends on your oven)
5. Let cool. Make sure they are properly cooled before serving it to your cats.
6. Keep the rest in a container. Keeps for 7 days.



While I was making the treats, Basil would keep standing on his hind legs to peek at what I was doing. I guess the smell of tuna is so strong and smells so delicious to cats.

This is the catnip I used. It came in the Nala themed Meowbox? I think. I just had to take a photo because I love the packaging so much!

Final product. It was a little too big so I broke it into little pieces and placed it in jars.

These jars used to hold their raw cat food BUT we’ve recently switched to bigger jars.

Princess Caroline is so high….

I would definitely try this recipe again and change up the binding agent. I wouldn’t use other canned foods because there’s usually gravy or other additives in there that cats shouldn’t really be having. Perhaps I’ll shred some boiled chicken for them and bake them into treats. Alternatively, you could break apart the tuna flakes and just bake them (without the rest of the ingredients) and serve it as a treat.

[Book review] Native Tongue – Suzette Haden Elgin

Now, I normally stay away from “Feminist” books as I personally don’t support the idea of misandry. However, Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin has been compared to The Handmaid’s Tale which I enjoyed.


There are several stories intertwined in this novel but the overarching story is that we are now in the future where we’ve regressed back to a patriarchal society wherein women have little to no rights. We’ve also made contact with alien species and we have 13 Linguist families whose primary purpose is to breed and assist in the translation. They would put infants in interfaces with the aliens so that they can learn their humanoid languages.

1) We follow Nazareth, the daughter of the head Linguist, in her journey into adulthood, into marriage, and through cancer where she leaves her husband’s house to live with the elderly women Linguists (they cast away the non-child-bearing women to their own house). She finds out they have been creating a secret language only for women.
2) Nazareth’s father, Thomas, is the head Linguist of all 13 families and it turns out he’s in kahoots with the government work agency people who are trying to create their own linguist.
3) The government work agency (not related to the government) have been asking for infant volunteers so they can interface them with aliens with non-humanoid languages.
4) Michaela Landry, a nurse, murdered her husband by way of bee stings, seeks to kill the Linguists one by one to avenge her son’s death which she believes is done by the Linguists. (Her husband donated their son to the Government Work people mentioned above)

The results? Well, you have to read to find out.

I give this 4/5! I really liked this book. It wasn’t an easy read, not just because we have so many characters point of views all over the place but there is an affectation to the writing to reflect the time period in which the book is set.

However, I do recommend reading it because it has given me a new perspective on what it means to be a feminist. I have to be very honest with you that I did not watch that Emma Watson video on her ramblings about being a feminist nor do I care to watch it. Sorry, I’m just not interested. But from what I hear, she should run for President ASAP. On the other hand, I have read diatribes by feminist women (why I chose to read them is not the issue at hand) and because of this, the idea of being a feminist has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

I think another reason is that I’ve met several women who strongly believe that they don’t need men in their lives to eke out a living. True enough but again, their “I will bring home the bacon and will not rely on men” left a terrible taste in my mouth.

Then I have men telling me that it annoys them when women want equality and get really upset when you actually treat them equally. Something I totally agree with. Women say they want equality but you also want men to do things for you? My heavens, I thought you said you could do it alone? And I’ve been sailing on that boat for the longest time until this book.

I was able to see a world without women’s rights. I know this still happens in this day and age and I do feel for those women. But this is happening not just in third world countries but right in our backyards! Women were treated like second class citizens who needed permission from men to do anything. And yet, unlike in the past, women actually have to work and they don’t even get to keep their salary. I think that was the point where I got really riled up. So you expect the woman to cook and clean (due to stereotypical gender roles) but you want her to work and you get to keep the money? NO. FUCKING. WAY. What irked me even more was that there were schools to learn to be better wives. EXCUSE ME? Is there a school for being a better human being?

As they say, you never truly appreciate something unless it’s taken away from you and Haden does a really good job of making you feel like you truly have been stripped of your rights as a human being. The inequality of it all.

I won’t go picketing for women’s rights any time soon but I have a better appreciation what the suffragettes and other women have done to obtain these rights for us.

4/5 // Cross-posted on my book review blog: She Reads (

Meow Box – January 2015

Due to some delay, I just got my January 2015 MeowBox yesterday.

Yes, it still says Basil. I sent them a request to get one for Princess Caroline so hopefully they reply soon! I wonder if they have the same person writing the names for all of them or if one person is assigned kitties from A-L then one person for M-Z.

You can see PC in the back! Haha.

So this month’s box comes with these items:
foufouBRANDS – Pet wipes Great for dogs AND cats to wipe away dirt and odor the easy way. We actually have our own kitty wipes for PC. I mean, we bathe her and day two she already smells like her stinky self so these wipes are great to keep her smelling relatively clean without putting her in a stressful situation. [Website here | Cost: $2.50]

Petmate – Looney Loops – Spring like cat toys are perfect for batting, biting, flipping, etc. according to the card but my cats just ignored them.
[Website here | Cost: $5.14]

Feelgood Treats – Liver Snapz Made in Canada liver treats! We got the bison liver cat treat and theyre a good size. Not too big! [Website here | Cost:~$2.75]

In Clover – Sleek Feline Functional Rewards Apparently these treats help with healthy skin and shiny coat. They look like this other kitty treat we have. Not sure if this actually promotes healthy skin but it doesn’t hurt. [Website here | Cost: $4.99]

Amazing Pet Products – Bouncy Blinking Ball – It’s basically a rubber ball with spikes that light up in different colours when you tap it. PC loves it. This one, unfortunately, doesn’t come with its own website so the price of the item I’m listing is based on the cheapest alternative I could find. [Cost: ~$8]

R2Pet – Grand Glo Mouse – This is basically the best item we received! Basil immediately chased after this chirping mouse with glowing red eyes and feathers for a tail. (Picture below) He even hissed at PC for it. They’ve been taking turns all morning. The drawback is that I can’t imagine replacing the battery on that thing. Oh, BP said the chirping can get annoying.
[Website here | Cost:N/A]


This month’s box is definitely worth it considering I pay $22.95/month for the 6-month subscription.


Meow Box

[Book review] Chasing Power – Sarah Beth Durst

I really don’t know how I stumbled upon this book but it was among the books on my tablet so I figured, why the hell not? Let me tell you.


Chasing Power was weak. We have our protagonist, Kayla, who has telekinetic powers. She uses her powers to shop-lift to help her mother, both of which are in hiding from her father who killed her sister. Then we toss in a guy with Teleportation who asks for her help to find his mother who is presumed to be kidnapped.

Not only does it weave a tale for our two kids with “super powers” trying to search for a mom, but it mixes in voodoo and an Indiana Jones-eque adventure.

The premise is interesting enough which is why I would consider the book OK. (2/5) But I think there could’ve been more… the characters felt really flat to me. A lot of things are explained away by stiff dialogue and the writing itself lacked any depth. It echoes dialogue I would’ve written in grade 6. The book’s saving grace is with the little bit of information she uses to tie in the book with historical events.

I’ve been trying to figure out a word to describe the book and I just found it: Cheesy.

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