DIY Cat Treats

As some of you may know, BP and I feed Basil and Princess Caroline home made raw cat food following this recipe. However, our cat treats are still store bought. We try to purchase the freeze dried variety with only one ingredient – chicken or liver but cats get sick of food just like humans so we try to give them variety of other “healthy” cat treats.

BP forgot to take another jar out of our freezer to thaw for tonight so he joked that we should just feed them treats for dinner or even tuna, which gave me a great idea to make my own cat treats. NOTE: We are not actually going to feed our cat purely cat treats today!!


DIY Cat Treats

1 can of tuna
1 cup of binding agent* (see below)
1 tablespoon of catnip
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 egg

Binding agent – I used half tapioca starch and half potato starch. Okay, maybe a teensy more tapioca starch. I would advise more potato than tapioca.
You could also use other flours but keep in mind that cats can’t really digest them as well. But for treats, I don’t think we can find another solution.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees celsius
2. Throw all ingredients in a bowl and mix well or you could also use your food processor for an even better blend.
3. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and place cat treat batter. Feel free to shape it however you like.
4. Bake for 15-20 minutes (could be sooner if you use a different binding agent and also depends on your oven)
5. Let cool. Make sure they are properly cooled before serving it to your cats.
6. Keep the rest in a container. Keeps for 7 days.



While I was making the treats, Basil would keep standing on his hind legs to peek at what I was doing. I guess the smell of tuna is so strong and smells so delicious to cats.

This is the catnip I used. It came in the Nala themed Meowbox? I think. I just had to take a photo because I love the packaging so much!

Final product. It was a little too big so I broke it into little pieces and placed it in jars.

These jars used to hold their raw cat food BUT we’ve recently switched to bigger jars.

Princess Caroline is so high….

I would definitely try this recipe again and change up the binding agent. I wouldn’t use other canned foods because there’s usually gravy or other additives in there that cats shouldn’t really be having. Perhaps I’ll shred some boiled chicken for them and bake them into treats. Alternatively, you could break apart the tuna flakes and just bake them (without the rest of the ingredients) and serve it as a treat.

Fun with colours

Before I continue about adventures I’ve had + finish off that Deerhurst report, I just want to do a quick tutorial. Well, I don’t really think I can call it a tutorial …

You see, yesterday I decided to do my nails. I painted it #008 (you’ll see my reference chart below) but I wasn’t truly happy with it. So I painted it over with #016 and had a shimmer tint. Still not happy. So I painted it over again with #008 (it’s getting quite thick at this point). I was content and slathered on some top coat and an hour later it looked like a hot mess. Well more of a mess than a hot mess. Haha. So I removed my nail polish entirely.

I kept thinking on what’s a quick way to do my nails – obviously a plain colour – but I just wasn’t happy with my colours. I was going for a boho theme yesterday with my wooden bangles. And then I thought, why not mix nail polish with eyeshadow.

Now before you call me a genius, I actually got this idea 2 years ago. I was making a purchase at a store and fancied this woman’s nail colour. She told me she made it herself by mixing eyeshadow with regular polish. And so.. I did.

I mixed ELF‘s mineral eyeshadow in Sassy with Borghese’s Solaro Sunshine.

I dusted mineral eyeshadow on a sheet of paper and dipped the brush in the polish. Then I brush off some of the eyeshadow and blend while applying on my nail. There’s no one way to do it so just experiment.

That paper has my name on it.

As I was packing away my nailpolish, I decided, why not take a picture of all of them.

And that turned into … a project. Have you ever bought nail polish and thought to yourself, hey this is a nice colour and when you get home you never really get a chance to try it? Well that’s me… some of these colours I’ve never even used.

I had performance tips lying around and I had NO idea how to use them. So… I painted them with all my nailpolish. I have more but they’re like nude so who cares about them. And the reference guide is below.

001. ELF – Smoky Brown (#00119) [Love it]002. OPI – Teenage Dream[Love it]003. Sally Hansen Insta-dri – Jade Jump[Love it]004. ELF – Flourescent Pink (#90511)
005. L’Oreal – Ragin Cajun (420)[Love it]006. Rimmel – Sunset Orange (310)
007. ELF – Mango madness (#00713)[Love it]008. Borghese – Solaro Sunshine (B414)
009. Sally Hansen Healing Beauty – Raspberry Energy (20)
010. Wet n wild – How I met your magenta (233c)
011. Sally Hansen – Cherry Red (07)
012. ELF – Champage (#80530)
013. OPI – The show must go on
014. OPI – Ali’s Big break
015. OPI – Take the stage
016. OPI – Rising Star
017. OPI – Red dazzle
018. Rimmel – Desert beauty
019. ELF – Mod Mauve (#90716)
020. L’Oreal – Sand castle (510)
021. Wet n wild – sumatra (33449)
022. ELF – Nude (#80530)
023. Sally Hansen – Sheer beige (01)
024. Creative – Free (#399)
025. Sally Hansen – Gray by gray (350)
026. Sally Hansen – Brisk blue (27)
027. Sally Hansen – Yellow kitty (420)
028. OPI – A grape fit!
029. Sally Hansen – Applause
030. Sally Hansen – Beet red
031. ELF – Black (#90716)
032. LA Colors – Goddess (NP442)


Any recommendations for nail polish colours??? And have you tried mixing your nail polish colours before?

DIY: one piece

So the other day, I ordered a few things from the OldNavy/GAP/Banana Republic site and one of them was this dress. It was longer than I expect and so I grabbed my handy dandy scissors and went snip snip snip. This is what I came up with.

This is what it looked like before. I just hate long skirts… especially since I bought this for my trip, I wanted something short and breezy. I’ve got some lady hollering at me from the street telling me to pull down my skirt once… Yep, I like them short. You see, I don’t have a big chest so I go for minis instead 😉

So I’m in the process of cleaning up my stuff that’s at Mr.S’ place.

This is a fraction of my clothes at his place (two piles are his). And what I have at my apartment…. there’s too much. I’m going to see if we can head there today and grab some boxes; if not, over the weekend or something. And if I find something worth keeping, maybe another DIY project. The ones I definitely do not like will be going to Goodwill.

Here are the clothes I found here that I will be donating – plus some of Mr.S’ clothes. Some of these clothes I barely even wore so if you want anything let me know! I have tons at my apartment haha Especially vests. Those need to go. I will never wear them again (at least in the next decade or so I don’t think I will)

Minnie Mouse!!

To prepare (of sorts) for my trip to Orlando, Fl with Mr. S, I’ve got my nails decked out like Minnie Mouse! He’ll be going to the Dragon Boat (almost typed Dragon Ball) tournament at the Walt Disney ESPN area. We decided to head out during Canadian Thanksgiving week to spend some time at Walt Disney World and I am so excited!

If you ever want to try it out – here goes! I’m typing this out while Mr.S is playing Uncharted for the nth time!! Boys….

Minnie Mouse themed Nails
{excuse the pictures, I am having issues with my Photoshop right now}
1. First we have to prime our nails with a nude nail polish. I am using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with Nylon in Sheer Beige Gloss [01]. I love Sally Hansen over China Glaze/Essie/OPI. They are so much more affordable but there’s so many products and colours! I love it. I find China Glaze dry up too fast – or maybe I just ordered a shitty batch from the internet. I have to admit, Essie goes on really well but some Sally Hansen products have the BEST applicators. (I believe it’s the Insta-dri)

2. Next is to add the red layer on our nails. In the same fashion as a french manicure, make a red line/area at the edge of your nails. Like French manicures, feel free to use the guide tapes BUT make sure the line/area is thick! I am using Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Cherry Red [07].

3. Thirdly, take a thin brush or a nail dotter and dip it in white nail polish. Make dots on the red portion to your liking. For the white colour, I have Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in White-On [21]. Contemplating on getting those pens for a french manicure…. we’ll see.

NB: Make sure you wash that brush right away because unlike paint, nail polish is a pain to remove if left unattended for a while!!!

4. Of course, we are going to need a bow. Take another thin brush and use a black nailpolish to draw the bow on. I’ve got some in the middle, some slanted, some off to the side – do whatever you want! For the black, I am using Eyes Lips Face in …. Black! Let it dry and put some top coat over it! The top coat I used was Sally Hansen (again) New Lengths Ceramics [18]

Let me know if you’ve got any more ideas for nail designs! I will redo this for my trip on Oct.11 but with the full nail. Hopefully it will look alright.