Afternoon tea at the Park Hyatt

Because I’ve been meaning to go to afternoon tea, and I wanted a get together with my friends, I planned a get together for tea and a movie!

Normally I like going with Mr.S and Duffy and have our special time together but it’s also fun with a group. Duffy couldn’t join us as he had caught a cold. (I am not kidding, we have like a story for all our stuffed animals. Recently Tchi-qua (small Quatchi – Vancouver 2010 olmypics mascot) has pilfered Andy the bear(FAO Schwarz 2009 Pea Coat Bear)’s money from his bank account)

This time we went to the Park Hyatt – Annona restaurant. I have a few more places in Toronto to visit before I’ve exhausted all my options…

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the interior of the place but it’s very nice. The ambiance wasn’t as great as the Fairmont imo because the Fairmont is more old-timey, and has a more classic feel. There was live music and the servers poured the tea for you.

The Park Hyatt’s servers did not explain what any of the sandwiches were nor did they pour my tea. (Which I ended up turning into an iced tea)

Pictures below~

Lemon Mango Tango iced tea 🙂

Savoury | sandwiches were not the worst but not the greatest. I didn’t want onions so they replaced what looked like a rarebit or perhaps some cheese tuna melt thing with a veggie sandwich which was tasteless.

Sweet | nothing stood out to me that was awesome. The carrot cake was good though after you drown it with the cream for the scones! LOL.

Just me – no contacts, no falsies.

Versus…. me with contacts and falsies. Lol. (not done by some app tyvm)

What’s your favourite tea flavour? Do you like black/green/white/fruity teas?
Will talk more about my new hobby swap-bot where we swap lots of things and one of them being tea. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at the Park Hyatt

  1. They DID tell us what the sandwiches for, they were just very quiet and had a THICK accent so I couldn’t understand them at all. Also, unlike Fairmont where they described it, Annona servers just pointed and said, “That’s a ____, that’s a ____”. Service not as attentive as Fairmont but I think I enjoyed the food here more, minus the custard puff slathered with donut glaze….

  2. Tell me about exhausting options, I’m always hunting for new tea places. Some places I don’t consider since it seems like it’ll end up in a disappointment but now I’m desperate hahaha THEN again there’s nothing wrong with going back to a good steady place for afternoon tea =) You look soooo pretty and cute here dear! I’m sure Duffy is envious hahaha

    I also pack my regular full sized shampoo and conditioner when I travel too! I hate hotel ones as well, Im not as picky with shampoo but hell will have to freeze over but I need to use hotel conditioners! Oh and my bf is actually Vietnamese, he might be….1/4 or 1/5 Chinese if that counts lol

  3. That sucks that you were disappointed with the food. But it is fun trying out new places to eat. I’ve recently moved to Alberta from Nova Scotia and there are a lot of restaurants here that I’ve never heard of. So every time we go out to eat, we try a new place.

    As for tea, it’s not something I’ve really ever had. I accidentally drank my brother’s tea when I was about 5 years old and hated it. But since then, never tried any. I think I’m kind of scared of it haha. I tried my first Bubble Tea Slushie the other day which was delicious, but I don’t really consider that real tea.

  4. fancy! we’re having a tea party in a couple weeks and I shall be making my own amazing, tiny sandwhiches. I like many teas. My most recent purchase is this TARDIS Blend tea which I’m loving at the moment.
    but, really, the stuffed, inanimate bear, couldn’t go with you because he has a cold? I can’t decide if that’s awesome or insane. people probably think the same thing when they see my office.

  5. I bought a discount voucher for a tea place in Toronto so I hope it’s good. I’m going wih my mom who loved old-fashioned stuff like that! Too bad yours wasn’t as good as youd hoped.

    Rebecca thebragal swapbot

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