Afternoon tea at MoRoCo Chocolat

I’ve been meaning to go to MoRoCo Chocolat for afternoon tea and finally my friend Catherine & her boyfriend Cody agreed to go with me. šŸ™‚ I’ve been to MoRoCo several times before since it was near my old workplace but I usually go there to purchase macarons. They have these amazingly cute heart shaped macarons + containers during Valentine’s day <3
This is what the boutique portion looks like. These are all the chocolates. Actually, I see marshmallows as well.

These are all their macarons. They are made fresh daily so once they run out – they run out for the day as you can see… (I think this was taken around 6PM)

I was a bit disappointed since their teapots are not very cute…but their tea cups are cute-ish.

Not my best picture but here, you get to see the three tiers in all their glory.

Here are the smoked salmon, cucumber, and egg salad sandwiches. The egg salad was a curried egg salad so it was not the best I’ve had but it was interesting…

I think this the first time I’ve been served chocolate scones at afternoon tea – I think. To be quite honest, I don’t remember any more but it was good. It was Catherine’s favourite.

Finally, the desserts. I can honestly say, they were the best desserts I’ve had(for afternoon tea). I super heart the macaron, and the marshmallows.

I definitely recommend MoRoCo for afternoon tea. They also have a high tea menu but I haven’t tried that… yet. šŸ˜‰


MoRoCo Chocolat
99 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M5R 3K3

4 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at MoRoCo Chocolat

  1. I had afternoon tea once, it’s so awesome. I love all the bits of finger food and the presentation. They always present it really cute!

    The desserts looks well yum! My favourite part of any meal is the dessert part!

  2. Everything looks delicious and the place looks wonderful!!!! Eeep! I wish I went to Toronto when my bf was there for work so I could enjoy all the wonderful tea places you try!

    The tea pots and cups are so different! Omg I was just thinking, omg omg omg chocolate scones! I’m glad to hear they were good though, personally I dislike plain scones, they taste so bland and gross to me. I have to slather on the clotted cream like mad to eat them.

    re: Simsimi is an app where you talk to a robot and it talks back hahaha no I was not texting someone those inappropriate things! (even if I was I wouldn’t put it online like that hahahaha)

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