Afternoon tea at the King Edward

Not quite sure what else transpired in my life the past few months so I’ll post pictures from the King Edward. Better ones. I know I posted iphone quality pictures last time. Haha.

Actually, this is a relevant post because this is the first time we had our Bridal Brigade meeting. (I’m the maid of honour) This is also the first time I met the bridesman.

Unlike the Rittenhouse, the King Edward actually honoured my dietary request. In fact, they took it to an extreme. (not that it’s a bad thing) Yuki had an allergy to cilantro so they gave her her own tier, and I also got my own. Thank you! The rest of them had to share their own tier. Haha.

I seriously love their plate. So beautiful. (side note: Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the humidor again!) Anyway, these sandwiches are cute & delicious. Again, I can’t tell you what they are. Eggsalad … cucumber… and something else! Sorry – it’s been a while. Curse you, person who hacked my site. Totally messing up my blogging groove.

King Edward blend. It’s reminiscent of Jasmine tea.

The usual plain + raisin scones. You can see Yuks in the background taking pictures as well – there was an elephant involved.

I quite liked the madeleine and the tart. I cannot say the same for the other two desserts 🙁

Anyway, I’ve been to the King Eddy four times now. It’s been consistently good so make sure you make your way there.


Le Meridien King Edward Hotel
37 King St E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 1E9

3 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at the King Edward

  1. Looks amazing as usual and I think that’s really nice and professional of them to honor dietary requests! I think that’s so so important in a food industry, especially in a hotel or a large restaurant. The plates are drop dead gorgeous, I’d buy them to display them hahaha

    re: I have no idea why I dipped the carrot in chocolate hahaha I think sometimes you just forget while you’re eating =P it was certainly interesting though lol I actually bought the bracelets at the summer night market here but you could try looking through etsy or ebay for similar ones (could you customize it, like bring the photo I have and ask them to make one? lol) As for my hair culrer I use the ceramic one by conair, which brand is the one you got from shoppers drugmart? I love the curls I get but it just doesn’t stay long =S

    P.S Has Disney on ice come to toronto? Are you going to watch it? I’m curious cause I know you’re a disney fan too haha

  2. re: I wish I tagged alone with my bf so I could try the nice tea places in toronto! Most of the tea places are small here in Vancouver, there aren’t too many large hotels that have tea.

    I haven’t seen the Christmas duffy yet! I really don’t like how they make the clothed Duffy’s smaller than the ones we have, I only want/need one Duffy and want to buy clothes for him, grrr. I think it’s time to put on Duffy’s winter clothes from last year hahaha

    Oh and the japanese breakfast did have a natto option but the bf didn’t take it haha

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