Afternoon tea at T-buds (First book club meeting)

I started a book club at the end of November and we had our first meeting this past Sunday. I chose T-Buds, Tea lounge & Creperie. You are able to walk-in and sit downstairs, or for those with reservations (moi), you are seated upstairs in their tea lounge.
The tea lounge area.

At the back of the room, there is a display of all their teas for sale.

Prior to arriving, I had already looked at the menu and had settled on afternoon tea. The tea I selected was the White silver dew buds.

This was an interesting way to steep the tea but to be quite honest with you, I’m not sure if it’s the most effective way. Either that or their tea was just bland (for all parties at my table…) In fact, towards the end, I tried my friend’s black tea & I had dumped the tea leaves directly into the water while placing the filter over my cup instead. Not much of a difference but by that time I resorted to drinking something else.

The afternoon tea came with a goat cheese quiche. Sorry but I really hate goat cheese!!! Thankfully, they replaced it with a spa salad.


Unlike other afternoon tea places where there is a set sandwich menu based on the season (some places don’t even change the menu…), at T-Buds, it’s based on whatever they have that day. They had roast beef, tuna and cucumber. I obviously did not have the roast beef and substituted it with more cucumber. I wasn’t fond of the tuna sandwich to be quite honest but that’s just me.

This is the first time I had cinnamon scones and I really liked it. It came with creme fraiche, jam, and fresh fruits.

I’d love to tell you what these are but no one came by to explain anything. πŸ™‚

Afternoon tea also comes with sparkling jasmine tea! I had to ask about it at the end since someone must have forgotten to give it to me. In her defense, it was her first day. They were nice enough to give one to everyone at our table.


My friend R had planned a date with her boyfriend after our meeting so she had a grain salad and french pressed coffee. She was the only one at the table to order coffee at a tea place…

My other friend ordered from the dessert crepes section of the menu seeing as she had eaten lunch not too long ago. She had picked the Irish Strawberry which consisted of fresh strawberries, our signature chantilly and Bailey’s Irish Cream. I remember her saying “Mmm…Bailey’s”.

Lastly, Yuk‘s sister ordered from the Sandwiches & wraps section of the menu. She ordered the The gladiator (glad-I-ate-here) savoury crepe. (I would like to point out that I let her take the picture and she had focused on everything but the wrap) It consisted of hand-rolled beef meatballs in a basil tomato sauce with provalone and parmesean cheeses wrapped in a savoury crepe. Seeing as I’m a vegetarian, I can’t tell you how it tasted like but I can say it smelled really good! She actually really liked it as well and would’ve ordered another but was deterred by the price.

I would definitely return here to try their brunch menu! I am now off to figure out where to go for my next book club meeting. Maybe somewhere haunted? (I know it may seem random but it related to one of our discussion topics at our meeting)

T-Buds, Tea Lounge & Creperie
647 352-3622 | 647 352-3624
3343 Yonge St., Toronto, M4N 2M4

9 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at T-buds (First book club meeting)

  1. A book club seems like so much fun. And this place looks amazing. I’m picky when it comes to tea, but I’d be willing to put that aside for this place.
    Great post. πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading where you go next time.

  2. Wow! That sounds really nice to be honest! A book club meeting at a tea lounge, so awesome!

    Toronto is one of the places my fiance and are possibly thinking about going for our honeymoon so I’ll keep this place in mind when making our decision. Thanks for the review!

    What did you think of Philly when you visited? What did you get to see?

  3. nyahaha, I love goat cheese! … but the spa salad with strawberries looks even better…
    Your food photographies are amazing! too bad the tea wasn’t… πŸ™
    thank you for your lovely comment~ πŸ™‚

  4. That is really cool that you started a book club! Seriously, I thought those things only exist in movies and TV shows.

    The pictures look great! Everything just looks so elegant and lovely. And the food is making me drool. ><

  5. What’s a book club? I’ve only ever heard about them but don’t actually know what it means =P That is an interesting way to steep tea because…what if the water level is past the tea leaves? I’ve only seen it the other way where you put the strainer over the tea cup to catch the leaves. Wow I wish there was a place that did afternoon tea with such a innovative menu! I think that the most an afternoon tea place will change their menu here is once a month, which I think is very good since I often don’t get to go once a month =( That was very nice for the to provide the sparkling jasmine tea to everyone at the table, I find it’s often these small thins that keep me coming back to a business.

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