The Glory Hole

My friends and I spent our Saturday afternoon at the Glory Hole which by the way is not something dirty but in fact a doughnut shop in Parkdale.


When we arrived, there were no doughnuts available. They were actually making their fourth (and last) batch of the day. The wait time was about 45 minutes and we had been given a number to indicate our place in line to order the doughnuts.

Here is their menu! They are unable to customize your doughnut but you’re free to add bacon to your doughnut for $1.

Just a random picture that I had to include in this post because it was cute.


While waiting, we sat at the counter which had 3 stools. They had a guestbook and people doodled over it. It was a great way to pass your time while you wait impatiently for your doughnuts to come out. So the girls and I decided to write a little story. You can read it here: Gloryhole. Hopefully another group of people try to continue our story about Mandy and her trek to the Land of Happiness. Haha!

You may enjoy your doughnuts with organic Fair Trade Coffee.

Or tea! (even better)

Finally, the doughnuts came out but we were 15th in line! Look at the glorious Elvis doughnut. I couldn’t eat it for several reasons: 1) Bacon, 2) it was covered in peanut butter, 3) they were gone by the time we got to order… So if you do get a chance to try it, let me know! I really wanted the marshmallow. I think their double chocolate smores were also sold out by then.


We order half a dozen doughnuts: (from top left, clockwise) Pretzel, Cinnamon sugar, Banana cream pie, Beer, Butter and toast, and Cookies and cream. It came to $20.

All my friends picked the Butter and toast as their favourite, while I would have to say that the Beer doughnut was the best. I love nuts! We also enjoyed the cinnamon sugar. However, we all agreed that the Pretzel was our least favourite. It was all too normal! By the time we finished the fifth doughnut, we had absolutely no room for the Banana Cream Pie.

Good bye Banana Cream Pie.

This post would be incomplete without this picture of my friend’s finger in a hole. (Beer doughnut)


It was definitely worth a trek to Parkdale! Make sure to try one of their specials and let me know how your visit went. Make sure you arrive early! There were several people who came later in the afternoon who had to leave Glory Hole Doughnuts empty handed. 🙁

Glory Hole Doughnuts
1596 Queen St. West, Toronto
twitter: @gholedoughnuts

7 thoughts on “The Glory Hole

  1. OH GOD. Sooo much goooodness. I have such a weakness for donuts — my husband and I spend a Tuesday every week in a town outside of Sacramento, and we just recently discovered a cute little donut shop. It’s going to be so bad — I just know we’ll be there EVERY week now.

    A beer donut!? A bacon donut!? YES PLEASE. 🙂

  2. This place is so amazingly unique! It’s such an original take on donuts. The idea is pretty awesome – you make me want to go here and try it. Too bad it’s too far away, though. ;'(

    I know a lot of donut places that can be really popular on days and end up selling out midway through the day. I hope if I ever visit this place, I won’t come out empty handed. I hate that about donut places… why be opened so late if you won’t even have the right donuts in stock!

  3. THIS IS ON QUEEN STREET? No way! I’ve been craving donuts for a few days now… been trying to keep away but this is a place I MUST check out! Thank you for suggesting 🙂 This kinda reminds me of when my dad used bring home Krispy Kreme donuts and those were the best donuts haha!

  4. Eeeeeeeew, why did they have to call it the Glory Hole for? Lol. Obviously, when you think of the glory hole, you *don’t* think of donut shop. I can just imagine going to that store and “checking in” on Facebook…there’d be lots of eyebrows raised. xD

  5. 45mins for doughnuts, insane but then again I’ve probably lined up for far more ridiculous things LOL Omg Game of Thrones is a book? I always thought it was just a television show hahahah oops =P

    Oh your book club sounds fun! But it seems to also take a lot of dedication lol I don’t know how long it would take me to finish a book being a student (school readings usually come first T_T) OMG! WTH?! What a creepy guy on the train! Something like that happened to me before but it was on the bus and the guy was touching my hand! I literally had to walk away! He must have had a hair fetish, at least you know you have nice hair LOL!!! Maybe he’s really picky with girls hair and he thought “omg someone with really nice hair I must find a way to connect with it ” Hahahahaha =P

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