Afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton

This past weekend, I went to afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton. Finally! I’ve been wanting to go for months now but nobody wanted to go. I think I’ve visited most of the afternoon tea places in Toronto so I really should make some sort of comparison chart. Actually, as I’m typing this – I just had the most brilliant idea. Stay tuned for that in the coming… months.

I arrived to the DEQ lounge and was quite disappointed. Yes, I understand it was a lounge but there were people sitting by the bar and it’s not something I want to see while having tea. I think there was sports on the TV. Secondly, seeing as it was a lounge/bar, you had to approach the hostess who was also the bartender. Thirdly, the hostess said that I supposedly “cancelled” my reservation. Just the day prior, someone had called to confirm my reservation in which I said yes, I am coming!

After being seated, they had explained the menu to us. You had three choices of Classic Tea, Posh Tea or the Royal Tea. (Click here for more information) The server also brought us the humidor with their eight tea choices. Unlike at the King Edward or even MoRoCo Chocolat, we were not able to smell the different teas at our leisure. She stood there with the different bottles and asked us if we wanted to smell anything. I just went with the safe – Organic Peppermint while my friend went with the Earl Grey. But to her credit, she did explain everything to us which other places seem to forget to do…

This the savoury portion of the tea. We have quiche, followed by scones, and sandwiches. Can someone explain to me why the scones were on the second tier? The order makes no sense to me. Or at least, this is not what I’m used to. Upon further examination, I can see why the scones aren’t at the top tier because there wouldn’t have been any room for the cream nor at the bottom. So maybe, they need to reconsider the design of their tiers or serve the cream on the side.

The quiche was good, as was the scone. The sandwiches were okay. There was nothing special to comment on.

The savoury portion was followed by the sweets which had their own tiers. This also needs a redesign. I am not quite sure what the theme is here… Also, it makes for a bad picture! I wasn’t that interested in moving it at an angle just to take a picture.

They were good – for the most part. However, one item didn’t quite do it for me. It was the sweet and salty cookie. Honestly, the one word to describe it would be dull.

Here is the uninteresting tea cup. Haha.

All in all, the food was okay. The desserts were better! The service was pretty good! They were very knowledgeable on all the items that were served, as well as familiar with the tea selection. (This is very important to me because a lot of places just drop the food in front of you.) However, they were definitely lacking in the ambiance section. Maybe it would have been nicer if I was able to go during the Teddy Bear tea they were offering two months ago…


Ritz-Carlton Toronto
181 Wellington Street West, Toronto
(416) 585-2500

2 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton

  1. Lies about no one wanting to go! I told you I wanted to but you had already made a date with someone else. When have I ever said no to tea?

    Those desserts look like yum. I’d love to check it out myself

  2. Oohh, this looks so fancy! I almost went to a high tea at the Mandarin Oriental a few months ago, but the timing didn’t work out. The pastries look delicious!

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