My date with Mr.X

Last year, I heard of this site called Tawkify. It is a matchmaking site in its infancy (last I read, there were only 30 people in Ontario signed up to this). You enter a few fields with your information (age, height, top 5 things you look for in a guy, top 3 deal-breakers), submit your picture, and your matchmaker will pair you up with someone. I mentioned to my friend that this would be a fun experiment so I signed up around February of this year. Based on your personality, you are then assigned a phone date (consists of 10 minutes of talk time), a walking date, or a blind date.

A few weeks later, I received this e-mail.

Anndrea—You Spellbinding Person,

Because you’re so frighteningly attractive, because you like an adventure, and because I admire your savoir faire——you are going on a Mystery Date. Here are your instructions:

Wear a green scarf.
Arrive at DT Bistro 154 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario. M5S 1H2 Sunday, February 10th at 8:00 pm.
Carry a sketch of Charlee.
Look for a person wearing a dapper outfit
Date will have a camera.

Here is your mission:

Information about you has leaked to secret agent XXXX. (We shall refer to him as Mr.X) Our sources say he’s been warned of your whereabouts on Sunday at DT Bistro. Beware–he may use cunning methods to get ahold of the secret picture of the rogue agent you have with you! Check your dessert before digging in!

The thing about Mystery Dates is this: We all have cover stories. It’s the facade we present when we meet strangers. We are our own foreign agents. So . . . why don’t you try to break through and see the real person this time? It could be intriguing.

Fate Loves the Fearless!

Your Matchmaker,

P.S. Please destroy this message using one of these three methods:
One: Delete it.
Two: Print it out, roll it up, stuff it inside a Twinkie and eat it.
Three: Send it to your phone and toss your phone out of a plane at 13,000 feet.

To prepare for my date, I bought myself a green scarf (because who owns green scarves?). Now, I’m not normally nervous about dates because let’s be honest, I’m super fun to talk to! HA! But I’ve never been on a blind date before and I was a bit nervous. To calm myself, I went in to the nearby bookstore and picked up a book. It’s called the Future of Us. I was fully engrossed in it and forgot about being nervous (and also didn’t want to go on the date to finish the book)

When I arrived, there was a man waiting by the corner and I gave him a dirty look for I felt that he was really strange for standing there awkwardly. Looking at my phone, I was just on time so I hurried over to the meeting location but it turns out the place wasn’t open on Sundays! I heard someone call out my name and it turned out to be that man from the corner! Well, I was rather disappointed that we had to look for a different location to have our date. Luckily, we were downtown so the next door over was a pub.

Mr.X is in graduate school working on his master’s degree in something so boring I cannot remember. He came to Canada when he was 18. He had a bit of an accent (which I mentioned was going to be a problem for me on my profile) but his English was very good. He met the height requirement though.

He was telling me about his dream to become a policy analyst, and I had to pinch myself to stay awake. That may be mean but I found myself tuning him out several times. He told me that he enjoyed movies and reading. In fact, he had read The Perks of being a wallflower. (My book club read it the month prior). He quoted the book – “We accept the love we think we deserve” and accompanied it with an anecdote about how his friend is in a relationship with someone who does not treat her well. I found that a little overwhelming for a first date, no?

Mr.X can be described as a hipster. He had on a hipster sweater, a hipster beanie… Furthermore, his instagram, he had pictures of bicycles. Hipster bicycles. He had participated in a Tweed ride event where you wear vintage-like tweed clothes and ride around the city. He also had pictures of bicycle polo.

He told me that he was going to Yellowknife to see the Northern lights (which I thought was pretty cool) BUT he added that he was planning to spend his time reading & writing for school. I think that totally defeats the purpose of going on a vacation but to each his own…

While he liked the same television shows, and we had the same interests, his personality was very humdrum for my liking.

We never exchanged phone numbers and I hope we never cross paths again. But seeing as how Toronto is a very small city, it may happen one day…

3 thoughts on “My date with Mr.X

  1. Call me old fashioned but I’ve always been a little skeptical about dating sites. I don’t know, I always think that you could end up meeting up with someone really dodgy!

    It’s a shame that Mr. X was not to your taste but at least you gave it ago. I guess you don’t know until try. 🙂

  2. Wait I’m so confused, where’s Mr.S? Am I late? Did I miss something? Lol

    I liked the way they send you that email, I love the last part, print it out and eat it in a twinkie, I thought Hostess was not in business anymore? lol Anyways I haven’t been blogging properly. Are you travelling anytime soon?

    Hope you are doing well!

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