Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto #MyMagnum

Aside from people posting pictures of their Minion collection from McDonalds, the next big thing that’s popping up all over my Facebook are pictures of people’s ice cream creations from the Magnum Pleasure Store [Details here]

This pop-up shop will be open until August 30, 2013 so if you find yourself in the Yorkville area, make sure you visit. Especially this Thursday. Joffrey Lupul will be there ;)

I dragged my friend yesterday and be warned, there is a long line up. Mostly Asian people because most of the obnoxious people on Chowhound or those types of sites are Asian self-proclaimed “Foodies”. Please don’t lynch me. I’m kidding. (sort of) Also, I apologize that the photos are iPhone quality. I forgot to bring my camera.


So once you get through the grueling line, you’re able to choose the ice cream flavour (chocolate or vanilla), the coating, and then your toppings for your ice cream.

Here is the menu that’s provided to you while you wait in line. We had to return it as they only had a limited amount of these menus. The toppings range from rose petals, to chili flakes. Oh, can’t forget bacon!!!

Once you choose your toppings, they are put into a shaker and given to another person who assembles it. He dips your ice cream in the desired coating and shakes your toppings on it. If you ask for the golden touch, they spring edible gold flakes on your ice cream. Supposedly, they also give you gold nail polish but I did not get mine. :(

Finally, here is my creation: Vanilla with dark chocolate coating, macadamia nut pieces, white chocolate vermicelli, crushed popcorn, chopped almonds (almond slivers), toffee bits, rock sea salt, topped with crumbled French macarons with the goldentouch. It came to $6 even.

My friend got a vanilla ice cream with white chocolate coating, crumbled biscuit, chocolate rice crispies, grape nerds and topped with crumbled French macarons. And no matter how many or how little toppings you get, it is still $6 :)

Limited time only!

Magnum Pleasure Store
11 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario


  1. sukipooki
    Jul 25, 2013

    Omg these look amazing!!! My bf was all over these when I showed him, especially when I mentioned the price hahaha I hope it comes to Vancouver and I hope I have time to try them if they do hahaha

    P.S Did you receive the Duffy clothes?

  2. Yuks
    Mar 16, 2014

    This looks delish! How did the gold taste?

    • admin
      Mar 17, 2014

      I honestly did not even notice the taste. Lol.

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