Afternoon tea at Casa Loma

I learned about the event on the Casa Loma website as I was looking for archery classes I could take with BP. Instead, I found something else. Now normally Casa Loma does not serve afternoon tea. But for a special event, they had afternoon tea this past February. #laterblog? It was actually more like brunch since the event started at 11AM.

Afternoon tea took place in 3 different parts of the castle. We ended up in the Billiards Room.

It wasn’t like traditional afternoon tea. They had stations outside where you could pick up your tea and they also had sandwich & dessert stations(they just made it there – they had servers bring it to you).

It was done in collaboration with David’s Tea and you had a choice of two teas. Read My Lips [Click Here] and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait [Click here].

We picked the Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait as it sounded delicious and it was!

Our server came and brought us our sandwiches. The typical fare at afternoon tea (bottom to top): Cucumber sandwich, croissant with egg salad, chicken salad tart, not quite sure what that one was since this is BP’s plate, a scone and another goat cheese tart which I plopped on his plate. The scones were served in conjunction with our sandwiches. Mind you, later on the servers came around with extra scones and croissants! YUM 🙂

They had servers dressed like French maids bringing out a tray of sweets. You had a choice of one but you could always get more at the dessert station outside.

You also had the option to purchase alcoholic drinks.

The prosecco was delish!

After our tea/brunch, I took BP around Casa Loma. We were at Sir Henry Pellatt’s quarters overlooking the lobby and you can see a cake tower!! You were free to grab cupcakes, macarons, and whatever else they had off the tower. It was great.

At the end of the tour, all afternoon tea ticket holders were given a gift bag to take home. This is our loot: A coupon for a free cup of tea at David’s Tea, a pouch of Jasmine Silk Dragon tea leaves (I actually already bought this and had some at home), Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco sample, Lindt chocolate and a bunch of savings at different restaurants. [Quatchi is wearing Duffy’s sweater. Thanks to Suki for helping me get it.]

It was a definitely fun time.

While they don’t normally have afternoon tea at Casa Loma, they do have other events like teddy bear parties, ghost hunts, treasure hunts, and archery – just to name a few.

Website: Casa Loma events
Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

Website: David’s Tea

2 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at Casa Loma

  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds like so much fun! That cake tower <3 The loot bag sounds very cool too.

    I miss doing stuff like this with you. When I get back, we'll have activities every weekend to make up for lost time. I mean, we'll practically be neighbours!

  2. Gosh I don’t like to complain about my city much but you guys always get the best stuff!!! Quatchi looks adorable in his sweater! When I was buying yours I wanted to buy one too but I held myself back haha

    Everything looks so gorgeous! Thanks to school and the weather here I haven’t had afternoon tea in a long time but my friend and I plan to go somewhere out of the city to a tea house. In fact I asked her to go last year but we didn’t end up going, then recently she brought up this tea house that was getting popular and I remarked “I asked you to go there last year!”.

    Have you ever done archery before? I tried it a few times during highschool.

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