Meowbox Holiday box – December 2014

As per Mana‘s recommendation, I signed up for Meowbox when BP and I first got Basil. Basically, it’s a subscription box for your cat. A lot of sites say they’re going to customize your box and they do to a point but it’s never THAT customized. But in that regard, you might as well just buy your own treats and toys for your cat yourself.

Here’s Basil’s Meowbox. As you can see, they personalize it with your cat’s name.

But wait… this isn’t Basil. PC, that’s not your box!

First we have Petsport’s Mouse Balls (Link here) for $6.43

Then we have Renee’s Garden Seeds (Link here) for $2.79

Wagger’s Tender Moist Cat food (Link here)

Wodema Nibletz (Link here)




Sorry but I lost the information card for the last three items.

But I’ll have you know that my cats love the items.
Here’s PC rolling around with that Vermont’s Homegrown catnip toy.

Basil giving PC a pitying look. Like… ugh, children.

I think if you have a cat, you should definitely try Meowbox and BarkBox if you have a dog. If you want to try it, of course, you probably just want to pay for the one month but you’ll find that $32 is not worth it! I say, try it for six months. The $22 spent toward your box is better than you going to PetSmart, PetValue or whatever hipster pet store you go to and randomly buying treats and toys. I guarantee, you’ll rack up a lot of clutter at home that way and end up paying for it.

You can check out Mana’s BarkBox review here.

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