Afternoon tea at Ruelo Patisserie

So this groupon has been floating around and I decided to finally try it. Ruelo Patisserie is offering afternoon tea for 2 for $27.50. That’s a pretty good deal considering afternoon tea can fetch up to $80 at some other places. You just have to make sure to make a reservation and unlike some places, there’s no restrictions on when you can make reservations. You can even go on weekends.

It’s this small unassuming place off McNicoll Avenue. There’s a Richmondhill location as well which offers the same groupon deal.

The moment we arrived, the person working at the counter (who was also our server) rattled off the rules of the groupon. We have a 1.5 hour seating and tax and tip is not included. By the way, they tax you on the full ‘value’ of the groupon so $51.98.





The groupon allows you to choose between coffee or Kusmi tea [link here] Both BP and I chose tea. I got the strawberry green tea and BP got St. Petersburg (Blend of China black teas flavoured with citrus, red fruits and caramel). Thanks BP for being my hand model! The selection was pretty good but I wish they had more herbal tea selections. I opted for a green tea even though my caffeine tolerance is quite low. Luckily, it was kinda diluted so…I wasn’t affected heavily by the caffeine.

Our tea came served in different coloured tea pots and in a clear glass cup.

Soon after we were served tea, BP spilled his sugar.

Not sure why it took a while for the tier to come since the people who were at Ruelo were already served… Was there only one person working there? But points to them for putting the tiers in the correct order. Or at least the order I believe they should be in.

First is the savoury/sandwich plate. It came with Mini Atlantic smoked salmon sandwich on a scone (Ruelo, if you’re reading this, please explain why a scone? It took me by surprise and I thought it was some stale bread….), Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper (proscuitto looked pallid but pretty good), Mini shrimp salad sandwich served on a crispy crouton (BP said it was good – I didn’t eat it as the onions were overpowering) and the daily quiche (delicious!!).

Second plate came with a danish and two scones per person. It also came with devonshire cream and jam. At first I was annoyed that they were on the same plate but it made it easier to mix them so, at the end I was pretty happy. The scones were also pretty good. This time I was expecting you know.. a scone… so I didn’t mistake it for stale bread. The danish was OK but I think BP really liked it. Nothing special.

Finally, the dessert plate came with a green tea red bean cake, crème brûlée and a green tea macaron. I know the cake looks kinda questionable but it’s more akin to the castella cakes than a traditional cake. It was actually really good. This is where Ruelo shines. The other two plates were mediocre whereas their desserts were very good! The crème brûlée was delicious and so was the macaron.

I would definitely recommend this to friends for the groupon. Hmm… for full price, it isn’t bad either. And I have to say that I am very impressed at the fact that the server was very knowledgeable in their offering. Many a time, I go to a “high end” place for afternoon tea and the server has no clue what they’re placing in front of me.


Ruelo Patisserie
416 486 1800
McNicoll & Victoria Park
463 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, On M2H 2C9

*As a side note: Can people stop calling it high tea? That’s something different.

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at Ruelo Patisserie

  1. This looks absolutely delicious, for that amount you got a lot of nibbles with it as well. I have a low caffeine tollerance as well – as in too much makes me go a little crazy – I find anything that isn’t a coffee is usually okay for me. How does Caffeine affect you?

  2. It looks lovely to chill and an awesome deal at that! The food looks better than some of the places that I’ve been to. Yay for more afternoon tea reviews! 😀

  3. The little nibble foods do look lovely.

    Being British and living in London I feel I really should have an afternoon tea myself some day…

    As for the scones, they come in sweet and savoury -and traditionally we have sweet scones as part of afternoon or ‘cream’ tea. 🙂

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