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Yesterday, BP had some business downtown and I took the opportunity to suggest that we should have afternoon tea at DT Bistro. Once upon a time, I was supposed to have my date with Mr.X (literally Mr.X because I can’t for the life of me remember the name of my blind date, sorry) [Post here] but they were closed on Sundays or at least the time we went which was 8PM.

So DT Bistro stands for Dessert Trends Bistro and Patisserie. Oh what a patisserie indeed!

These croissants look so good! I didn’t get a chance to purchase these but tried the ones they served for afternoon tea and they were good.

BP whined that I should include a photo of these so… for you, love.

These were the rest of the desserts behind the glass. They looks delicious. Note to self: Try it next time you’re in the area.

It’s a nice quaint cafe with lots of art work and gorgeous decoration.

You only get this table cloth if you are having afternoon tea. Perhaps to help servers or maybe they want to help the bloggers out 😉

BP said that the tea cups were perfectly shaped to stir your tea. Whatever that means. Lol. I got the peppermint tea (my go-to flavour) and BP got some blood orange tea which he liked very much.

Unfortunately, they’re all stuck together so I couldn’t take each individual plate to photograph them. As you can see, you get a lot of stuff!!

None of your typical boring sandwiches over here: smoked salmon on mini croissant, short rib and onion balsamic, and a pear and brie crostini (special order). It also came with a choice of daily soup (mushroom) or spring rolls. We got both and they were both delicious. The spring rolls weren’t boring ones you get at Chinese restaurants. It was tofu and mushrooms with mango relish & lime vinaigrette. Also, the short rib was nice and tender!! I think, that alone, can fill you up. 🙂

As a side note, I just want to say that the service here was great. I called in sometime in the morning to make reservations and the host/server made note of my issues. Then when we arrived, the server took note of my dietary request and provided me with options.

Not just scones but came with a blue berry pound cake. Tasted great with the lemon curd. The menu said it should also come with devonshire cream but it was more like… date and maple? Not a regular berry jam.

Dessert was a macaron on top of this fruit cup with passion sauce. And an almond tart.

I didn’t even finish my scone or my pound cake.

This place is definitely worth visiting for afternoon tea. I know it’s not some posh hotel but seriously, the decor in the place is very nice. Very modern. Even their bathrooms were nice.

Also, for the price of $28, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth! The server was very knowledgeable of all their offerings and very accommodating. I guess my only issue is that while it’s downtown, it’s not what I consider downtown “core”. But if my date biked there on a blistering cold winter night, you can get there no problem. There’s also parking right across the street.

You can see how DT Bistro compare with other afternoon tea locations at my ratings page here.


DT Bistro
154 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario. M5S 1H2
(416) 916-8155

6 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at DT Bistro

  1. Yummy! I love afternoon tea services but can’t find one that is at a good price point here in SF. But man, $28 is a steal! Maybe I’ll have to try this place if I ever come up to Canada!

  2. Oh my gosh that all looks so yummy! The food looks great, and I’ sure the smell would have been amazing but I’d so impressed with the decor of the building! The floral pieces on the ceilings are stunning! It all looks so modern but really classical at the same time, I wish I lived near there so I could go!

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