Moments in January

My friend Mana and I are doing a photo/journal challenge this year. It’s something we came up with in December, and you’re free to join us in posting your moments throughout this year!


1) Post 5 photos within the first week of the next month
E.g. Post 5 photos taken in January during the first week of February
2) It can be anything you want as long as you took it during that month
3) Write a sentence (or more) about the photo

If you want to join, simply leave a comment below, copy the code below and post it on your blog whenever it’s time to post your photos!

Shall we begin?

Here are my photos for the month of January.

Look, this has been a bad month for taking photos. I mean, you know what, I actually did take some but it was already used in its own posts so I had nothing left to show for but …cat photos. I promise I’ll take more pictures of…stuff next month. Anyway, here’s a photo of Basil, at his cat box/house that we made. He’s meowing at me right now because…cats.

I’m currently trying to complete my challenge of reading 40 books this year. I’m 5 books ahead of schedule, if you must know. Anyway, here are two books I purchased this month that I’m excited to read. The Pawnee book because I love Parks and Recreation – plus I couldn’t find an epub version. The Murakami book was not available as an epub either but it’s fine because it’s really meant to be read as a hard copy. I haven’t removed it from its plastic only because I’m busy reading other things right now. You know, he’s good but sometimes all his books are too similar.

More photos of Basil! I swear, they were taken at two different dates.* I know, I know, I should post pictures of Princess Caroline but half the time, she’s on BP’s lap watching him play video games or she’s playing in the bathroom or doing something mischievous. Although….it turns out all the bad things that we thought she was doing, it was actually Basil.

*Actually upon further examination, it does look like it was taken the same day but they weren’t in the same photo folder…. but anyway, who can fault me for posting two photos of Basil? :3

Aside from the postcard swap I do with Mana, I also do postcrossing on the side. Here are the 22 postcards I received this month. Someone actually wrote me a letter entirely in calligraphy and even wax sealed it with two postcards inside! Apparently, he’s using the same style or paper or ink as the inmates did back when Australia was formed.

In an act of desperation (knowing that the month was almost up), I took a photo of the sunset on the day I was working from home. That’s the thing, what can I take photos of? It’s a very dreary season. Furthermore, I wake up when it’s dark out, and I get home when it’s dark out. I don’t live near fancy Mountains or rivers… OK. I promise, next month – something interesting.

One thought on “Moments in January

  1. Omg 22 postcards?! That’s a lot and so cool of that person to wax seal the two post cards and letter! Also the code didn’t work for me, as in the header didn’t appear but the text did. So I went ahead and made me own, I hope you don’t mind. Also it took me so long cause I kept screwing up -.-
    Don’t worry about posting too much Basil cause he’s so adorable and of course we wanna see PC too 😉 Also there will probably be at least one month that Soda’s photos will trickle into my post too.

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