Winterlicious 2015 – America at Trump Hotel

So Winterlicious and Summerlicious started back in the day when the SARS outbreak scared everyone from leaving their homes – basically. So, this program was to help restaurants provide a prix-fixe sample of their menu to help boost their business. It was such a hit that bot Winter and Summerlicious still exists!

We have people on the “I’m a foodie and I’m too good for their prix-fixe menu” camp and the “This is a great opportunity to try out food at this restaurant”. I have been on both sides of the camp and I know the arguments for both. So my message to foodies – get over it. It’s a fun event and gives people an excuse to hang out with each other. Calm down.

Anyway, my friends and I decided to hit up America at the Trump Hotel. You can find their Winterlicious menu here.

So yesterday, I actually forgot my camera and only had my iPhone 5S with me. And you know how restaurants get really dark. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take good photos of the food so I called ahead and the manager said she would try and accommodate me. The pictures below are taken by the manager at America, Serena, who took photos of the food in the kitchen with my phone. (you know, I don’t want to be that obnoxious blogger with flash at a restaurant)

As I type this, I’m trying to call MoRoCo to help a sister out but I’ve been on hold for 17 minutes now so they must be insanely busy at 4:30PM….

Just note: For those who are wondering, Stock was renamed to America. And Suit was renamed to Calvin Bar.

My company has done several events at the Trump Hotel before and I didn’t really love their Art deco furnishing outside but it’s slowly growing on me. But inside America was much more hip.

For my app, I decided to go with Pressed BBQ Pork, apple mustard, chow chow pickles, tasso ham crackling. It was pretty good. It’s like a cold pulled pork sandwich without the bread. There was also this questionable white powder which I found out was bacon powder.

My main was Wellington County Steak & Cheek (local), heirloom grits, collard green choucroute, smoked bourbon butter. This was my first steak in over 2 years. The last steak I had was in May 2012 in a restaurant called Cau in Amsterdam. The steak was OK – nothing special. The cheek was too … meaty for me so I apologize about that. (I’m still not 100% on the YAY MEAT IS GREAT train) However, it seems my friends reallly enjoyed the tenderness of the cheek. However, her only comment was that she did not like having to go through the corn nuts to get to her meat. Lol.

Finally for dessert, I had Granny Apple Sticky Pudding (vegetarian/local), sourdough & maker’s mark bourbon pudding, pecan toffee sauce, pretzel ice cream which is NOT the image above. It was so flippin’ delicious. It wasn’t too sweet nor was it sour at all!! The dessert pictured above is the Peanut Butter Panna Cotta, toasted marshmallow, allspice peanut brittle which my friend got. As much as I dislike peanut butter…I have to admit, this was pretty amazing too!! It was like a PB flavoured whipped cream?!

I would definitely go there again outside of the Winterlicious promo because not only was the food good, America turns into a lounge afterwards with dancers and a DJ.


America Restaurant
325 Bay St. 31st floor, Toronto, ON M5H 3C2

One thought on “Winterlicious 2015 – America at Trump Hotel

  1. Ooohh, that does look good. The dessert sounds on point! PB Whipping cream & pretzel ice cream?! Are these suppose to be American style dishes? (I dont even know haha)

    Also, the winterlicious and summerlicious thing sounds like something LA does called dineLA! Its sooo popular here, but unfortunately, I don’t like participating.

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