Moments in February 2015


1) Post 5 photos within the first week of the next month
E.g. Post 5 photos taken in January during the first week of February
2) It can be anything you want as long as you took it during that month
3) Write a sentence (or more) about the photo

I apologize for my lateness! I was just not on my computer that much (other than work). But no more! Here I am.

Also, I thought I had tons of February photos but I didn’t LOL. I forgot the SD card for my camera even though I brought the camera around. And deleted random photos on my phone that I thought I didn’t need. woops.

Let’s start off with my favourite. (Sorry, PC) You may have seen this on my instagram but that could be a different pose. LOL. I’m just reaching for straws now.

This is the first burger I’ve had since eating meat again. Question – why is the meat bigger than the bun, Wimpy’s? BP said – what if I wanted to eat meat and then eat meat with bun. UM?

On the day we were supposed to go to thing but ended up going to Fancy Franks. Here’s their menu!

On one of my days off, we ended up going to Playdium. Since we had the place to ourselves (mostly), BP played on flappy tickets the entire time.

I’ll end the post with PC. Yea, I realized I took a lot of cat pics but not much of other stuff cause I deleted them and they’re already on my instagram.

One thought on “Moments in February 2015

  1. Basil looks soooo displeased that you’re clutching at straws aka him lol Also I had no idea that was suppose to be a burger! I just thought you were having like a hamburger patty!

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