Meowbox – March 2015

Better late than never!!


1. Edible Animal Treats – Pawbreakers [Link here] – Seriously, it’s a jawbreaker for cats made of cat nip … sitting ignored in their play box. I think it’s too big! – $2.99
2. Amazing Pet Products – It’s Alive! Hedgehog [Link here] – A hedgehog with a pull string and it vibrates for a while – neither cat was too interested after it stopped vibrating. They should make one that vibrates for a few minutes at least. – $3.79
3. Rollover – Seafood Mini Bites [Link here] – Little seafood pellets. Basil and PC loves it! – $3.99
4. Chilly Dogs – Barn Yarn Animals [Link here] – It came with one big yarn animal and one smaller one. PC loves them both. The moment I opened the bag, she ran away with the big one. – $3.49×2
5. Zukes – Soft Treats G*ZEES [Link here] – It’s a Daily & Hip Joint supplement for cats but …our cats are babies so they’re just treats to us – $4.99
6. Tiny Timmy’s – Dirty Flea Soap [Link here] – Have not used it but since our cats are indoor-cats, we don’t really have a use for it. Also, imagine trying to lather up your cat with it…. It’s already a fiasco when they try to shower with the cat shampoo – $6 for a bar
7. Amazing Pet Products – Three Sparkly Mice [Link here] – Colourful mice trio. They chewed off their tails but ignored them soon after 🙁 – $1.89

Total Value: ~$26

The treats and the catnip toys alone make the box great! And if they get bored, we just rotate their toys. I think getting a Meowbox is a good investment if you have pets and are constantly going to the pet store to get them toys. Meowbox sources local goods so you know (most likely) they are not contaminated with anything harmful.


Here’s a picture of PC with her barn yarn animal monkey.

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