Wishlist 2019

Jo Malone | Lime Basil & Mandarin ($92) [Link here]
Olaplex| Hair Perfector No.3 ($38) [Link here]
Maison Margiela| ‘REPLICA’ Jazz Club Scented Candle ($75) [Link here]

NEST | Grapefruit Votive Candle ($23) [Link here]
Nordstrom| Frosted Cuff Slippers ($40) [Link here]

Anthropologie | Pick a pom ribbed beanie base in black ($30) [Link here]*
Anthropologie | Pick a pom fluffy topper in brown ($8) [Link here]*
SoYoung | Lunch Poche Bag ($44) [Link here]
Gather by Anthropologie | Streamlined Flatware in Copper ($28) [Link here]

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