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If any of you remember Degrassi: The Next Generation back in its prime, there was this character Craig Manning. And that my friends, happen to be Jake Epstein and I was totally smitten with him for a while. Actually he was in another show called The Zack Files and I thought he was such a cutie. HAHAHA.

Anyway I went to watch Beauty & The Beast – a Ross Petty Production at the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre last night with Mr.S and OMG it was awesome! Mr.S who is NOT a fan of musicals (really, I think he secretly does – he bought Sing It and sang along with me) really enjoyed it!

First of all, a brief background on these Ross Petty productions, they have titles from Disney classics but they are more pantomime-ish and actually isn’t like the actual Disney plot. For this one, the plot is about these students in a drama class. Their teacher did not like what they put on so they were thinking up a new play so they a girl suggested the love story between her great great great grandparents.

A few notable songs are Baby (Justin Bieber), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Taking Chances (Celine Dion), Memories (Barbra Streisand) among others. And to add to my note earlier – about how it is unrelated to the actual Disney plot – they had two awesome characters: Buskin Biever and Lady Baa Baa. Does this sound familiar to you? Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Hahaha and I think Lisa Lennox who played Lady Baa Baa was great!

The worst part about the play was Melissa O’Neil. No offense but she has the most annoying voice ever. Ok, I lie – it’s not the most annoying but one of the most annoying. And I know Jake isn’t that great of a singer (he sings like he’s in a rock band) but her singing was only so-so from someone who came from Canadian Idol. Maybe I’m biased but I just hate annoying voices like that. I liken it to Vanessa Hudgens on crack.

Anyway, other than Melissa, it’s was great family fun. And there’s lots of comedy and interaction with the audience that I love. Since I was sitting on the 3rd row in the centre, I was loved it even more! I got to see Jake Epstein up-close; finally! After all those years of wanting to see him as a teenager. Hurhur..

Here are some pictures, I didn’t take much as I wasn’t sure if I was ALLOWED to or not… but yeah πŸ˜‰

The stage – I’m like on the 3rd row, yay!

The Cast

The Cast – upclose; sorry, the zoom is shitty on the camera.

I leave you with a picture (stolen from the internet somewhere) of Ross Petty dressed like Lady Gaga doing a rendition of Bad Romance, and it was awesome!!!

And PS I have like the best boyfriend ever – for many reasons!

Anyway, questions for you guys: Have you been to a musical? And what are your favourites that you’ve seen? Any plans on watching any in the future? I loved Wicked and still remains my favourite. IF ONLY the original Wicked cast was there at that time.. ah well. Plus, on top of that -I wish I could turn back time- moment, is if I could go watch Cinderella (Ross Petty) with Jake Epstein and Paula Brancati.. saw some pictures and she looks gorgeous and she’s NOT annoying like Melissa at all. Love her!

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  1. Wow that looks amazing!

    I’ve only been to one proper professional musical — West Side Story (which I went to this year). I’ve been rather stubborn refusing to see any musicals until this one because it is my favourite and I’ve studied it back in highschool. I highly recommend it — it’s a modern Romeo & Juliet story πŸ™‚

  2. the only musicals i have seen were the ones at my high school. i went to an all performing and visuals arts high school. they were okay but kinda gay, if you know what i mean. i have been really super exited to see WICKED, thats probably the only musical i am actually super exited to see, but i have not seen yet. πŸ™ it was in houston a while ago, i just never got the chance to go. i was in new york in september and wicked was there, i wanted to see it really bad. but i was already there for a concert. and new york is pretty busy. πŸ™

    agh, beauty and the beast sounds amazing. i love when musicals are different and edgy. my bf wouldn’t mind going to a musical, being that he is gay and all. πŸ˜€

  3. Awww, I’m so glad you guys had such a great time! Too bad I wasn’t able to watch it. I remember I would go by Earl Haig and try to see if I can see Jake, hurhur. But my crush was on Michael Seater anyways

    Those parody people sound hilarious!

  4. I’ve never been to an actual musical, just the high school ones. But I’d love to watch the Disney Broadways, especially The Little Mermaid πŸ˜€
    The musical you went to watch sounds really interesting, glad to hear that you had a good time.

  5. I’ve never SEEN a musical D: It’s really bad, my local culture centre is renowned for its musicals (Chess, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar…) Before I die, I want to watch Cats (lol).

    PS: I’ve sent you the postcard πŸ˜€

  6. Old Degrassi </3 RIP. haha I hate the new characters. They all annoyme… But anyway mhm I want to go to that. haha I loved Jake:)And I love the songs and beauty and the beast! And since they sang popularsongs too. As long as it was entertaining that is what matters

    You should write a letter! It relives anger haha

  7. That looks like such a cool play! Like I totally want to see it :P. I don’t think that I’ve seen a play with modern songs. I see theatre pretty often, about twice a month. I saw Wicked twice; it’s pretty good.

    No your blogs are fine :P. I always think that it’s my site, so I can do whatever I want with it, but I’m somehow scared :3

  8. I loved the old degrassi! Lol I still like the new one too though but definitely Craig was a cutie πŸ˜‰ that’s so cool he was in that musical! I don’t really like musicals all that much, I prefer plays but they are fun sometimes – that looks pretty good though!

    Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ I go to the university of Ottawa for geography and sociology, how about you?

  9. Haha, that rendition of Beauty And The Beast sounds absolutely wacky! Very crazy and colourful and glittery, too, going by your photos.

    And holy crap, how daring were you to take those shots?! It’s possible you could’ve gotten kicked out, so major props for taking and sharing them. ;D

    The only musical I’ve seen so far is American Idiot — Thinking about going to see The Lion King when it comes to Toronto, though! I’ve been a huge fan of TLK since I was, like, ten years old. πŸ˜€

  10. Musicals are awesome! My all time favorites are Disney musicals! So far I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, my bf obviously enjoyed the lion king one more lol! But the tickets were so expensive I almost didn’t go watch it, but I guess Im also stubborn, when I go see something live I always want the best seats and I will pay premium for good seatings but seriously, Lion King was 160$ AND if you wanted to sit in the first 15 rows that’s the price you gotta pay, when I saw that I wasn’t settling for anything further than row 3!!! LOL

    Oh I dunno if this counts but I also love to watch Disney on Ice lol, I’ve also watched ballet but Im still on the fence on whether I liked it or not =P

    This play look absolutely hilarious, especially the last picture lol! I love Lady GaGa impressions! Those are some amazing costumes and Im definitely loving the back drops!

    Hope you’re having a great new year!

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