A piece of me… in Dec 2010 (Happy New Year!)

a monthly game started by Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy ♥
More info on the game: This game is to share a piece of you, every month. That way, you and your readers can see what’s happening in your life, including the changes. I.E. one month, you might love chocolate, a few months later you’ve might come to hate it. It’s also to remind ourselves of people you love and the plans you have – Shirley

What the heck happened to me? I totally forgot. Oh yeah it happened on Christmas and I was a busy bee that day! =P

ALSO HAPPY NEW NEAR YEAR to everyone! I will be having a giveaway soon so watch out for that. Anyway, onto the meme…

I don’t like: not having enough sleep! Bad for you, I tell you! But I guess I’m done a little earlier today and I’m able to nappy nap at home before Mr.S and I watch Tangled. And OMFG Day Zero died due to heavy traffic. I panicked for 3 seconds – the thought of all my hard work picking goals for 1001 days. Luckily, they are safe :3

I want you to know: that I had loads of fun painting a tea set with my good friends!! And I finally did my first ever geocache on Jan 1st

I’ve planned: to make chicken wings for the first time (like home made, guys!) And also do some more geocaching.

I want to say to someone special: Yuki (at notyourcheese.orG), Thanks for always being there when I need to talk! And although 2010 was a bit rocky in the beginning, we worked it out and even then you were there when I needed some guidance. Love you!

Here’s a picture of the tea set we ended up painting,.

Anyway here are pictures of my two cousins (once removed) with my boyfriend AND DUFY. SO ADORABLE <3

How did you celebrate your New Years?

7 thoughts on “A piece of me… in Dec 2010 (Happy New Year!)

  1. AWWWWWWWwwww, I LOVE YOU TOOO!!!!! *hugs*

    Oooh, chicken wings from scratch. I make them all the time. Marinating in Chinese bbq sauce is sooo good. You just grill them up on the pan. It’s the red sticky sweet kind.

    I had a very tiring day skiing on New Year’s Eve. Practically falling asleep on them slopes man! My ankles are still killing me.

    I want to hear about your geocaching!

  2. Awww your cousins are so cute both dressed up like that! haha your bf looks like he’s having too much fun and duffy is being tossed around lol good luck with the chicken wings! i tried it once and undercooked them lol, hmmm I was actually working new years day and eve =P I hope you keep this monthly thing going , it’s great since you don’t always have to think of a topic to write lol

  3. Happy New year to you too! 🙂

    Your cousins are totally adorable.

    I clebrated my New Year in the saddest place ever, the province of China. They don’t celebrate New Year’s ever there so we went to eat at a 24 hours fastfood store kinda like KFC or MCDO and did our own countdown. yesh, we are the only ones shouting and greeting each other a happy new year. lolx

  4. That tea set is adorable! That sounds like a lot of fun xD

    I hate not having enough sleep either. I hardly get the right amount on my weekdays, but I try to make up for it on the weekends. I’m not sure how healthy that is though. LOL

    I hope 2011 treats you well!

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