On livejournal, I vaguely remember typing out my dreams but not in this blog I guess … can’t seem to find the tag for it.

Dec 22 | May have been someone’s birthday… found myself with my friends in some room, imagine a big auditorium. We were going to sit but my friends sat in a row and didn’t make room for me. To make it worse, Mr.S was smooshed with these two girls (friends of mine but still upsetting) and he did not make room for me WTF even more. So I ended up sitting in the front row and it turns out it was these two guys from elementary school named Jamal and Kris that I NEVER talked to. I may have said ONE word to them back in elementary….AND they were so nice in my dream. Very accommodating. Then it turns out Drake (canadian ‘rapper’ thing) was sitting next to them and we were trying to take a pic. And Mr.S gave a stupid useless battery wtf was I going to do with that and didn’t give me a camera. That’s all I remember.

Dec 23 | It starts off with two kids in some house being pestered by a haunted doll. The doll is manifesting scary things and the kids seem scared but at the same time brave enough to face it. Like they’re not crying or anything. I don’t know but I think I’m related to them. Not like they’re my cousins or nieces or whatever but as if they were my own. If you’ve ever been in Toronto, we have something called the PATH system which is underground paths that connect downtown buildings from one another. Apparently it was the same sort of set up here and we were in one building and we rushed to this other building through an underground path. We passed by chinese stores I think. Then Mr.S and I reach this area where it’s like train tracks but smaller. They can accommodate a snowboard size thing where two people can sit on it. It goes around this room like train tracks and it goes into this dark area where there is a drop. WTF! Anyway there was problems with the tracks and I got fed up and just grabbed a board, grabbed Mr.S and we ran to the dark area, plopped the board and went for a ride. Of course, even in my dream I can feel the horrible dropping feeling. Bleurgh. Anyway, we go in, and it’s my old house. Not my mom’s current house but our previous house. Then there was apparently a dinosaur (the doll made it), that’s in the basement and to get rid of it, we had to get it up and out in the backyard. It was the middle of the night so we chained it and only when sunlight touches it, it will go away. Somehow my mom was there. Not sure what happened but we ended up in a French restaurant. Can’t quite remember what happened here. Next, Mr.S and I were in the master bedroom, about to sleep, clearly we totally forgot about the kids at this point. I just remember them being stuck in the washroom tormented by the doll. Anyway, bedroom… and Mr.S asked me if there was anything wrong with him. I’m like no… OH!!! And it seems his head was on backwards. And then another Mr.S emerged from the door which i would’ve assumed to be a fake Mr.S. I think I just woke up at this point and was quite scared.

3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Oh wow, I totally followed those dreams. Like, they were definitely how dreams just jump from place to place. You did a great job of describing them!

    Don’t you just hate those dreams where you wake up scared? Like, it’s such a chilly feeling.

    1. PS I think it was your birthday that the dream occurred in … lol!
      I haven’t had scary dreams in a while…my last one was a while back when i was getting sleep paralysis. Lol Remember, Bob? haha!

  2. It’s amazing that you remember your dreams in that much detail. I don’t think I have been dreaming lately. And if I do dream I only vaguely remember it.

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