Just published my first 'book'…

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

So to start off this new year with a bang…I just published my first book. Okay, so it’s not with a major publishing company but it has an ISBN and it’s being sold (online)… so I’m going to count it! I’ve always wanted to publish something and I found out the hard way that a novel isn’t the way to go. Only because I am really impatient… so I thought I’d start small with a children’s book!

Why a children’s book?
I have always liked children’s books because they are so simple to read but sometimes the illustrations are captivating. I’m not saying my book is a work of art but my cousin, Hiro painstakenly drew these for me. It was a great way to try my indesign skills and my writing skills plus showcase my cousin’s artwork.

For those who are interested in purchasing this book, you can go to Lulu.com/Andy’s First Day! I already ordered my first book so if you want to wait to see what it looks like before buying it, I totally understand. There’s actually one part where I’m kind of apprehensive about. It’s where I had an image split onto two pages… hopefully that works out *crosses fingers*

Is this going to be a series?
Probably not … I can’t commit to this character “Andy” long enough to write his whole life story…

What are you going to write next?
I do want to write another children’s story but maybe this time with animals. I really want to have books for my children in the future. Sure, I can go out and buy books for them but wouldn’t it be better if mommy had written some stories too? Mr.S and I are always coming up with story lines for our stuffed animals so maybe you’ll see them on paper. (Just not published unless we change the characters from Duffy and Quatchi to … Mime and Joe(idek why I said those names))

Will you eventually write a novel?
Hopefully, yes. But for now, I’m concentrating on smaller things. I am really looking forward to writing my short story anthology. It will be a long time til I publish it. I really want to have enough pages for a hardcover book. I figured that I can write short stories based on my dreams. Excited!

Once again, you can find the link here | Andy’s First Day

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

7 thoughts on “Just published my first 'book'…

  1. Congratulations on “publishing” your first book! I hope lots of people will end up buying it. 🙂 My mom wrote a children’s book a couple years ago and I think it’s really good, but she can’t submit it to a real publisher yet (which is what she wants to do) because supposedly with children’s books they’ll only take it if you’ve written a couple others to submit at the same time. Idk why that is. =/

  2. Congratulations! Publishing a book is awesome, and honestly, I think it’s cooler that it’s a children’s book 🙂 Good luck with all of your future writing projects/books!

    And I agree: an awesome 2012 is definitely what I’m going for this year.

  3. Anndie!!

    That is crazy! I got to get a copy of this for my niece, although she’s a bit too young at the moment. Awesome 🙂

  4. Hiya! This is Bluegirl from SWAP-BOT (promoting your blog 4). I find your blog to be quite fun. You have all sorts of interests… I’m particularly impressed by the fact that you have illustrated a children’s book. That is one of my ultimate fantasies! 🙂

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