Afternoon tea at The Windsor Arms

For Mother’s Day, we took BP’s mom to The Windsor Arms for Twilight tea. I’m guessing this is their equivalent of High Tea.

I got the Peppermint tea which was pretty good. Unfortunately, the teapot they gave me wasn’t one of the cuter ones 🙁

I called in earlier to switch up my menu since I hated goat cheese but apparently a lot of their items had it. Both their tarts and their quiche had it. This was the savory dish that came with their Twilight tea.





All in all, it was pretty good! It’s $45 for a Twilight tea but I’ve seen some groupons for half price tea. The place was crowded but of course, that’s due to Mother’s Day. However, I must point out that their washrooms were very untidy. The paper towels were all over the floor…….


The Tea Room at The Windsor Arms
18 St Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S 3E7

Afternoon tea at Casa Loma

I learned about the event on the Casa Loma website as I was looking for archery classes I could take with BP. Instead, I found something else. Now normally Casa Loma does not serve afternoon tea. But for a special event, they had afternoon tea this past February. #laterblog? It was actually more like brunch since the event started at 11AM.

Afternoon tea took place in 3 different parts of the castle. We ended up in the Billiards Room.

It wasn’t like traditional afternoon tea. They had stations outside where you could pick up your tea and they also had sandwich & dessert stations(they just made it there – they had servers bring it to you).

It was done in collaboration with David’s Tea and you had a choice of two teas. Read My Lips [Click Here] and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait [Click here].

We picked the Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait as it sounded delicious and it was!

Our server came and brought us our sandwiches. The typical fare at afternoon tea (bottom to top): Cucumber sandwich, croissant with egg salad, chicken salad tart, not quite sure what that one was since this is BP’s plate, a scone and another goat cheese tart which I plopped on his plate. The scones were served in conjunction with our sandwiches. Mind you, later on the servers came around with extra scones and croissants! YUM 🙂

They had servers dressed like French maids bringing out a tray of sweets. You had a choice of one but you could always get more at the dessert station outside.

You also had the option to purchase alcoholic drinks.

The prosecco was delish!

After our tea/brunch, I took BP around Casa Loma. We were at Sir Henry Pellatt’s quarters overlooking the lobby and you can see a cake tower!! You were free to grab cupcakes, macarons, and whatever else they had off the tower. It was great.

At the end of the tour, all afternoon tea ticket holders were given a gift bag to take home. This is our loot: A coupon for a free cup of tea at David’s Tea, a pouch of Jasmine Silk Dragon tea leaves (I actually already bought this and had some at home), Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco sample, Lindt chocolate and a bunch of savings at different restaurants. [Quatchi is wearing Duffy’s sweater. Thanks to Suki for helping me get it.]

It was a definitely fun time.

While they don’t normally have afternoon tea at Casa Loma, they do have other events like teddy bear parties, ghost hunts, treasure hunts, and archery – just to name a few.

Website: Casa Loma events
Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

Website: David’s Tea

Birthday 2013

I know I know, my birthday was months ago (Dec 2013) but I had meant to post about my birthday.

Back in April 2013, during a book club meeting, I mentioned to my friends that I wanted a scavenger hunt birthday party! I had meant it to be like the way they did it in Parks and Recreation. Clever little clues to kinda test our friendship. But my friends decided it was more fun to do one where I get to humiliate myself in public.

They had a clue sent to my phone in the morning and I had to find the first clue (yes, a clue to find the actual first clue) at my place. The day before, Amanda came over and kicked BP and I out while she hid things. So the first clue was hidden with all these papers on my desk. TOOK ME OVER..FOREVER to find it!!!

The first clue led me to this dirt area near this cinema where I live. Apparently they had hidden these popsicle sticks in the ground and I had to find the ones with positive messages like “Yay”. Once I found those, I had to dig and I will get a puzzle piece. They forgotten to mention that I had to go to the concierge and get a shovel. Yes, a shovel. (which was actually a barbeque cleaner btw)

photo 1
Completed part of the puzzle which led me to the next clue. I had to go buy these things and apparently pose with four different people… And this was about the time I realized that it was more a humiliate-Anndrea scavenger hunt than what I wanted.

Insert other tiring activities I had to do which includes more digging, looking for cat toys (btw they had not anticipated that cat toy to be at 3 different places in the store…), going to a bookstore and looking for erotica.

photo 3
They had me order a drink at Starbucks and had me tell the barista to write down OMG SEXI LEXI. I think my friends and I have different thresholds of embarrassing.

photo 2
Finished the puzzle with BP’s help!! We finished this in an senior center… or something.

photo 4
Oh, they sent me to Metro to buy condoms, a cucumber, lube and that’s supposed to embarrass me…

photo 5
When I got home, it wasn’t done. There was this box waiting for me where I had to put on some sash, some glasses that sad fuk u fuk me (why) and I had some scepter too! And I had to go to the restaurant wearing all this. Actually this part wasn’t so much embarrassing but uncomfortable.

There at the restaurant, my group of friends were waiting for me!


While it may have sounded like I had a terrible time – okay, I may not have enjoyed doing all those things in the cold – I must say that I am touched and really grateful that all my friends worked together and went through the trouble of planning this birthday party for me. Love you guys.

Paint Party Toronto


Last night BP (Butter and Pickle/@butterandpickle aka my boyfriend) and I went to Paint Nite at Pappas Grill on the Danforth. It was fun for me, but maybe not so fun for him.


We had gone to dinner – or rather our lunch (my eating schedule is out of wack on weekends) at the Diner’s Thai and had a quick dessert date at Caffé Demetré.

The Paint Nite e-mail had said to come at 6:45PM (starts “promptly” at 7PM) but you know, you always have these keeners who come in way earlier and by the time we got there, all the good seats were taken. So we had to sit facing away from the instructor. While I thought it would be an issue, you actually didn’t have to look at your instructor for very long so turning our bodies/craning our necks the other way didn’t bother either of us too much.

You’re given a canvas, some paint and two paintbrushes. Oh, and a cup of water for cleaning your brushes. (not pictured)

And an apron as to not dirty your clothes. Sort of. It did not account for the tiny space. Elbows everywhere! Accidents can happen…

So how it works is – you come in, order a drink, and follow your instructor. You have 2 hours to finish your painting.

She gave us step by step directions on how to paint her painting (the one you chose upon signing up). Alternatively, you could paint your own. There were some people in the group who drew entirely different things. As pictured above, BP was following instructions on creating the sky. (For now)

Pro: it’s a great venue for dates early in the relationship. You know, those dates that are nerve-wracking, both parties are nervous, and even though you don’t want to do whatever crazy thing the other person came up with, you’re trying to get into the other person’s pants, so you don’t complain and go anyway. Good luck trying this after 4 months of dating though… Unless a) the other person is actually interested or b) you wear the pants in the relationship or c) the other person is just nice (which is my case).

Con: We were crammed so close to each other, I had to place my drink on my lap so paint wouldn’t get into it. BLEH.

Here are our masterpieces…
This is my painting where I followed the instructions somewhat closely. “Fireflies”

BP’s art work – try to guess what he’s trying to convey.

At the end of the day, we would not go back there because we can just stay home, bring out my canvases and have beer while we paint. Which BP, surprisingly, was very open to. He said he loses interest pretty quickly when you’re in a setting where people try to give you instruction.

But it was definitely a fun experience (for crafty types) or people who are just willing to try something new 🙂


For those interested in Paint Nite, you’re in luck because there are places all over North America.
Website: Paint

Try to get it while it’s available via Groupon or something similar to that for $25.

Otherwise, each Paint Nite ticket will set you back $45CAD +tax.