21/30 Day Meme : A picture of my day

This is probably my last post as a 21 year old and how fitting, it’s the 21st day of the 30 day meme. No, I didn’t plan this procrastination… haha.

Day 21- Share a picture from your day.
Well today my girl friend R came by at work to surprise me with two cupcakes and a present from Medocino 🙂 Thanks, girl!

There were two cupcakes, one said B I R T H, it was made of chocolate – I gave it to Mr.S for dessert. This one days D A Y Girl 😉 Woo!

So yesterday, we had the company Christmas party last night. It took forever to get there – long story involving having to wait for people, obnoxious people on the bus, etc. I got there pretty late and left pretty early – I pretty much less than 30 minutes. Hahahaha. Apparently people went to the after party and got home at 2am when they had work at 8am. Hardcore….

Waiting for the streetcar…last night

When’s the latest you’ve ever stayed at a party? Work or otherwise… I think for me… Maybe 7am BUT that’s only cause it was some sort of sleepover as well =P Otherwise, probably 2/3ish and that was in my end of teens/early 20s days… Too old for that now!!