Birthday 2013

I know I know, my birthday was months ago (Dec 2013) but I had meant to post about my birthday.

Back in April 2013, during a book club meeting, I mentioned to my friends that I wanted a scavenger hunt birthday party! I had meant it to be like the way they did it in Parks and Recreation. Clever little clues to kinda test our friendship. But my friends decided it was more fun to do one where I get to humiliate myself in public.

They had a clue sent to my phone in the morning and I had to find the first clue (yes, a clue to find the actual first clue) at my place. The day before, Amanda came over and kicked BP and I out while she hid things. So the first clue was hidden with all these papers on my desk. TOOK ME OVER..FOREVER to find it!!!

The first clue led me to this dirt area near this cinema where I live. Apparently they had hidden these popsicle sticks in the ground and I had to find the ones with positive messages like “Yay”. Once I found those, I had to dig and I will get a puzzle piece. They forgotten to mention that I had to go to the concierge and get a shovel. Yes, a shovel. (which was actually a barbeque cleaner btw)

photo 1
Completed part of the puzzle which led me to the next clue. I had to go buy these things and apparently pose with four different people… And this was about the time I realized that it was more a humiliate-Anndrea scavenger hunt than what I wanted.

Insert other tiring activities I had to do which includes more digging, looking for cat toys (btw they had not anticipated that cat toy to be at 3 different places in the store…), going to a bookstore and looking for erotica.

photo 3
They had me order a drink at Starbucks and had me tell the barista to write down OMG SEXI LEXI. I think my friends and I have different thresholds of embarrassing.

photo 2
Finished the puzzle with BP’s help!! We finished this in an senior center… or something.

photo 4
Oh, they sent me to Metro to buy condoms, a cucumber, lube and that’s supposed to embarrass me…

photo 5
When I got home, it wasn’t done. There was this box waiting for me where I had to put on some sash, some glasses that sad fuk u fuk me (why) and I had some scepter too! And I had to go to the restaurant wearing all this. Actually this part wasn’t so much embarrassing but uncomfortable.

There at the restaurant, my group of friends were waiting for me!


While it may have sounded like I had a terrible time – okay, I may not have enjoyed doing all those things in the cold – I must say that I am touched and really grateful that all my friends worked together and went through the trouble of planning this birthday party for me. Love you guys.

Wishlist 2012

I was torn on whether to put up a wishlist or not. I was watching Happy Endings (or some show with a birthday episode) where the birthday girl said that she would rather be surprisingly disappointed than expectingly(not a real word) content. Don’t quote on me on that. What I’m trying to say is that I would rather get something that I didn’t ask for and be happy/disappointed (knowing that you took the time to pick it out for me) than know that I will be just content getting what I got what I asked for. Does that make sense? Never mind. Anyway, since my birthday is 27 days away as of today, here’s my wishlist to make your lives easier. (Random but I looked up my old wishlist and I also wrote it 27 days before my birthday)

————–In no particular order below—————

♥Tiffany’s Tiffany Keys Twist Heart Pendant [Link here]

♥Tory Burch Felt Ella Tote [Link here]

♥Kate Spade Le Pavillion Large Manuela [Link here]

♥Duffy & Shellie May handpuppets [Link here]

♥Duffy clothes [001/002/003/004/005]
♥Degrassi (previously known as Degrassi: The Next Generation) DVDs (S1-11) [Link here] Don’t judge me.

♥BVLGARI Omnia Coral 2.2 oz [Link here]

♥Someone to finish my manuscript on my behalf?

I know the past few years I was a big advocate for handmade stuff but not this year.


Two sporting events in one week is really strange!

For me, anyway. I mean, just last year I was opposed to watching Hockey on TV. I ran away from it. I would go to the back of the room, open up a bottle of nailpolish and ignore the game as much as possible. This year, I decided to give it a try. I guess. And so I end up watching it with him. I even know some of their names… and not because they’re good looking (cause they’re not).

Before the season started, I figured I’d get Mr.S hockey tickets as a Christmas present. Boy, was I naive to think I could buy it a week before the season started. I wasn’t even looking for dates in 2011, I was browsing 2012 dates, to no avail. Luckily, I found it on It is a site that allows you to purchase tickets to events and attractions for a bit of a deal. Although the tickets were out of my original budget of $400… I bought them anyway as I had to have them.

So last Friday, we went to a Raptors vs. Nets game (basketball for those not in the know). Mr.S bought the tickets off his optometrist who had season tickets. The seats were good enough and we’re pretty close. In fact, I was sitting next to the railing where the basketball players come out of the locker room. Both teams look very down though during the whole time. Not a smile on their faces. I mean, they barely glanced at the fans.

The Duffster in his Toronto Raptors jersey. How cute! Thanks Danny 🙂

The interesting thing is that there’s a lot of “cheering” going on during basketball. I just noticed a lot of staff telling you to cheer. I’m not sure if that existed in hockey as I sat in a box but yeah I just found it awkward. I guess since I’m not too interested in basketball, I wasn’t too keen on cheering for anyone. LOL.

Mr.S had his O’Neal jersey on. I don’t know… some guy who used to play for Toronto.

So back to the hockey story. The day after, we went to the ACC once again for the hockey game. We went through these doors that led to elevators. It’s pretty high up on the sixth floor but it was still a good view in my opinion. I got us Gondola box seats and it was great. All you can eat junkfood – pizza, hotdogs, chips, popcorn etc. Alcohol was not included but the bartender was right behind us!

High up but it was a good overview of the players. Too bad Bozak was not playing. I was about to buy a shirt that he designed with McArthur but he too was not playing. Well they could’ve been on the ice at some point but at the beginning when they announced the starting line up, they were not on. Anyhow… I was super surprised to see the whole stadium divided. SO MANY RED WINGS FANS. But they cheered for both. It’s amazing. Like no one had to walk around with signs telling you to cheer, seriously.

There were also cute little toddlers playing hockey during one of the breaks. Sure, they fell a lot but that’s what made it all the more cute.

BTW, the hotdogs were good! Not so much the bread… The box seat was a great experience because we got to walk around and I just stood on these notches on the stools so I could get a better view.

And since Toronto won, I got myself a Carlton the bear plush!

Before we go, just a picture of Mr.S and Duffy with the jersey my bff, Yuks bought for him!

I’d love to go to another hockey game. Box seat of course. I don’t want to sit down there lol…

Occupy what? You mean the hippies??

Another break from blogging about my trip … UGH If I don’t do it soon, it will never happen. Maybe on Thursday.

Two things that I need to get off my chest.
Why is Occupy (insert city name) so hypocritical?!?! They are yammering on about freedom of speech and their rights but they are censoring me on their website! Occupy Toronto camp at St. James just got eviction notices this morning. Finally, Ford does something. And in case you are wondering, I did read what Occupy (insert city name) is about. But if you ask me, they are a bunch of hippies with no jobs that’s why they’re bothering people with jobs. I saw a man with a picket sign saying he has an occupation. Really? And they haven’t fired you for taking a month long vacation? Seriously, what self respecting person with an occupation would go through what they’re doing? How do they even bathe? Furthermore, did they ever think about the people whose jobs they are affecting? There is a restaurant nearby that made a complaint saying that they’re driving their customers away. The port-a-potties are placed too close to the restaurant. (I think I know which restaurant it is too and let’s be honest, no one goes to their restaurant anyway but this Occupy nonsense is probably driving away any business they had to begin with). Anyway, I hope to see them gone by the time I head home tonight. 1 month from now, no one will give a poop about them. (assuming they have all been evicted from the park and from their own homes as well)

EDIT – I heard these morons are staying in the park DESPITE the eviction notices. A member from their Occupy piece of shit committee said that the park is for peaceful assembly. Here is my definition of peaceful.

Free from disturbance; tranquil

I see that you are disturbing people and businesses.



Another hypocrite? Yes? Why is this girl making youtube videos but is paranoid about giving out her location? If someone was going to rape/stalk you, they would’ve done so already. And considering you don’t really live in Toronto and live in the outskirts of Toronto, no one is really going to go that far as to look for you, you hairy armed, bushy eyebrowed lady. (No, seriously. That’s how I recognized her off the street. She passed by me once and I saw a bushy pair of eyebrows, not unibrow but still, and she had a scowl on her face.) She is so freaked out that I tried to add her on facebook. And on Twitter, when I asked if this issue was in Toronto, she said it was in her city which she cannot reveal. UM, I think I can guess where you live. Markham? Mississauga? Brampton? Etobicoke? City-without-fun-stuff? I mean at first, I was totally understanding of the declining my FB request. I mean she wrote me some lengthy message explaining why she can’t add me and that she’ll only add me if we are friends in person. But this takes the cake. Paranoid much? Girl, please.