A piece of me… in Dec 2010 (Happy New Year!)

a monthly game started by Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy ♥
More info on the game: This game is to share a piece of you, every month. That way, you and your readers can see what’s happening in your life, including the changes. I.E. one month, you might love chocolate, a few months later you’ve might come to hate it. It’s also to remind ourselves of people you love and the plans you have – Shirley

What the heck happened to me? I totally forgot. Oh yeah it happened on Christmas and I was a busy bee that day! =P

ALSO HAPPY NEW NEAR YEAR to everyone! I will be having a giveaway soon so watch out for that. Anyway, onto the meme…

I don’t like: not having enough sleep! Bad for you, I tell you! But I guess I’m done a little earlier today and I’m able to nappy nap at home before Mr.S and I watch Tangled. And OMFG Day Zero died due to heavy traffic. I panicked for 3 seconds – the thought of all my hard work picking goals for 1001 days. Luckily, they are safe :3

I want you to know: that I had loads of fun painting a tea set with my good friends!! And I finally did my first ever geocache on Jan 1st

I’ve planned: to make chicken wings for the first time (like home made, guys!) And also do some more geocaching.

I want to say to someone special: Yuki (at notyourcheese.orG), Thanks for always being there when I need to talk! And although 2010 was a bit rocky in the beginning, we worked it out and even then you were there when I needed some guidance. Love you!

Here’s a picture of the tea set we ended up painting,.

Anyway here are pictures of my two cousins (once removed) with my boyfriend AND DUFY. SO ADORABLE <3

How did you celebrate your New Years?