Paint Party Toronto


Last night BP (Butter and Pickle/@butterandpickle aka my boyfriend) and I went to Paint Nite at Pappas Grill on the Danforth. It was fun for me, but maybe not so fun for him.


We had gone to dinner – or rather our lunch (my eating schedule is out of wack on weekends) at the Diner’s Thai and had a quick dessert date at Caffé Demetré.

The Paint Nite e-mail had said to come at 6:45PM (starts “promptly” at 7PM) but you know, you always have these keeners who come in way earlier and by the time we got there, all the good seats were taken. So we had to sit facing away from the instructor. While I thought it would be an issue, you actually didn’t have to look at your instructor for very long so turning our bodies/craning our necks the other way didn’t bother either of us too much.

You’re given a canvas, some paint and two paintbrushes. Oh, and a cup of water for cleaning your brushes. (not pictured)

And an apron as to not dirty your clothes. Sort of. It did not account for the tiny space. Elbows everywhere! Accidents can happen…

So how it works is – you come in, order a drink, and follow your instructor. You have 2 hours to finish your painting.

She gave us step by step directions on how to paint her painting (the one you chose upon signing up). Alternatively, you could paint your own. There were some people in the group who drew entirely different things. As pictured above, BP was following instructions on creating the sky. (For now)

Pro: it’s a great venue for dates early in the relationship. You know, those dates that are nerve-wracking, both parties are nervous, and even though you don’t want to do whatever crazy thing the other person came up with, you’re trying to get into the other person’s pants, so you don’t complain and go anyway. Good luck trying this after 4 months of dating though… Unless a) the other person is actually interested or b) you wear the pants in the relationship or c) the other person is just nice (which is my case).

Con: We were crammed so close to each other, I had to place my drink on my lap so paint wouldn’t get into it. BLEH.

Here are our masterpieces…
This is my painting where I followed the instructions somewhat closely. “Fireflies”

BP’s art work – try to guess what he’s trying to convey.

At the end of the day, we would not go back there because we can just stay home, bring out my canvases and have beer while we paint. Which BP, surprisingly, was very open to. He said he loses interest pretty quickly when you’re in a setting where people try to give you instruction.

But it was definitely a fun experience (for crafty types) or people who are just willing to try something new 🙂


For those interested in Paint Nite, you’re in luck because there are places all over North America.
Website: Paint

Try to get it while it’s available via Groupon or something similar to that for $25.

Otherwise, each Paint Nite ticket will set you back $45CAD +tax.

Bonjour! {pictures again, will come later}

I have a waxing appointment in an hour, while finishing this template I’m working on so I’ll make this quick.

Day 1: We took the Eurostar to Paris, Gare du Nord and took the Metro to the hotel. It was a very stressful way to the airport since we couldn’t figure out which direction the hotel was at. (I kept reminding Mr.S to get a compass during the days prior to the trip but we didn’t even use it) The problem with London and Paris is the lack of constant street signs and they’re not up near the street lights like North America, they’re plastered on walls and they’re not at every corner either. Anyway, we found our way to our hotel. We were ready to plop down and rest but upon exploring our hotel room, I laughed. That’s right, I laughed and laughed until Mr.S asked me what was funny. He’s 6″2. I’m 5″1.5. If I can barely fit my legs in the darned bathroom, how is HE going to?!?!? (Eventually we figured out it’s not like a regular bathroom door, you can actually extend the door and it will close on this other door that leads to the actual room portion.) Also, another funny thing was that when we first got in the room, there was this couch that looked like a bed. Ever since seeing/reading reviews of lots of Paris hotels, I panicked. That can’t be our bed, I said! Luckily, I walked in, saw a table, two chairs, a kitchenette, and our big bed. Yay! We went to McDonalds, had nothing interesting since it was a tiny McDonalds that did’t carry shit and went back home to sleep.

Day 2: We went to the grocery store and bought eggs, and what have you. (OMFG they have this amazing two aisles of yogurt. WTF! It’s great because they are SO cute! But too bad I don’t really eat yogurt) Oh and I finally found the Mint tea Yuki was asking for. And so I made use of our kitchenette. We stayed in playing Mario Party and then headed out. We went to the Louvre (open late on Wednesdays), ran away from pigeons, and went back home.

Day 3: Headed to Notre Dame de Paris, full of pigeons, AGAIN. WTF. Ran away. Oh and we had Berthillon icecream. It was sub par. All you people who said Berthillon icecream is the bomb digitty lied to me. It tasted like caca. And wtf I asked for Tiramisu … I did not taste it. AND it was expensive. (Actually, I’m confused because I looked up the website just now and see like seating but the Berthillon I saw was a caca icecream corner mais sur le site web il y a seulement un adresse?!?!) ANYWAY PS all you people who love crepes and think that crepes in Paris should be the bomb. I totally disagree. Tastes the same but my wallet feels a little less full! Then we wandered around and went to Roger le grenouille (the frog). All I can say is I LOVE FROG LEGS. It tastes like chicken but .. more fun to eat. I did not try the escargots. I am sorry but it is covered in garlic. I do NOT eat garlic laden anything.

Day 4: We went back to the same area and rode the Vedettes du pont Neuf I believe. They’re ferries that go on the seine giving you a tour of the city. It was fun. There’s tourist children from the outskirts of Paris that were annoying but when are they not annoying (I meant children not the French). We headed home to relax a bit and then went to the Eiffel tower for our dinner reservations at 58 Tour Eiffel. So I was a bit apprehensive because people said it wasn’t as good as the Jules Verne (double the price and double the height on the Eiffel tower) but I had myself a great time and so did Mr.S. We had the prix-fixe Opera menu and got champagne. 😉 My dinner included pan fried tiger prawn, avocado, cucumber, soy and sesame dressing for starters, roasted chicken with mashed potatoes *but it really is more of a puree comme le traduction en français* and ended with profiterole with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. Mr.S had himself duck foie gras, the same main course, and a plate of cheese at the end. (pictures later/tomorrow)

Day 5: I’ve been looking forward to this day since ever. We rushed our way to Belleville and then had a little travel sketchbook workshop. Très fun! Mr.S was getting a bit frustrated at the beginning since he didn’t know what to draw but at the end we both had lots of fun. There was a situation before that where we couldn’t find the place blablabla but resolved and had tons of fun but lots of coughing.

Day 6: Oh so the coughing is actually me being sick and not just because I’m coughing from the never ending smoke screen that surrounded my face for the past five days. So I felt pretty crummy but persevered and went out. We visited the Champs-Elysees area. Too bad everything is closed on a Sunday. I really wanted to buy myself a bag from Longchamp since every woman had one. It’s like their Coach. But Laduree was open and bought myself some stuff. We headed to McDonalds and I finally got my home fries plus I got my macarons from McCafe. (review later) Then we did some geocaching. It was a total fail in London so I’m glad we got two in on our last day.