Happy Holidays and a Year in Review.

Yes, I’m a bit late but the holidays were pretty damn hectic. Sure I did my Christmas shopping earlier but there was a matter of divvying up my time with errands, my family, and Mr.S’ family. December 24 especially. I really wanted to go to YC’s house to decorate his beer Christmas tree but alas, I’m hoping Yuki would do it for me? 🙂 Speaking of, do I need to re-wrap your gift so you can be surprised? LOL! Thanks for letting me use it. It drove Mr.S nuts I think after we left your house… haha!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate and that all your holiday wishes came true.

Thank you to all my friends who made this month amazing! Ok minus the fact that people who I sent cards to didn’t acknowledge that I sent them one but whatever…

I’ll be making use of my new Christmas presents soon – making icecream tonight. I got myself an icecream maker courtesy of my mother.

No new year’s resolutions really but here’s a year in review. I used to do this every year but man, been busy/forgetful.

First ever geocache
Winterlicious with our couple bff <3 Mr.S turned 2* (he's like a woman when it comes to his age) Started cooking more seriously February
Not alone this Valentine’s day. Awesome!
Went for an interview, and got a new job (offer)!

Started my new job
Walk to/from home daily
Started the move to Mr.S’ place officially

Officially moved in with Mr.S *squeal*
First ever Afternoon Tea experience at the Fairmont Royal York hotel
Ronald McDonald House Home for Dinner volunteer experience

Went to London
Went to Paris and realized how smelly it is
Visited my cousin in England

Hosted my own tea party 🙂
Road trip to Huntsville and stayed at Deerhurst resort, my idea of camping
Hosted my very first murder mystery party
(let’s do it again, next year)

I don’t really remember other than I got my first luxebox

Dyed my hair dark brown *shock*

Revived my forum

Went to Los Angeles for the 2nd time
Went to Disneyland for the 2nd time
Went to Catalina Island for the 1st and last time
Went to San Diego
Met up with Joey and Lena from the forum
Met celebrity basketball player Rick Fox

Surprise afternoon tea birthday party for my bff, Yuks

Eep I turned 23!
Went to the Ross Petty production of Wizard of Oz (maybe a new tradition?)
Lots of family stuff for Christmas
Year ending soon…

What’s your favourite Christmas gift this year?

Amazing Birthday pt.II

So I normally have shitty birthdays… I remember spending one of my birthdays walking down a long street, in the pouring rain, to go to the house of some girl I absolutely despise and passing by a dead squirrel (to add to the misery). Then one of them I spent studying for an accounting test which I really didn’t study for but aced anyway but because it was exam time, no one wanted to hang out with me. SOB. Oh and that’s what happened the next four years while people were at school, I didn’t really do anything. Last year was a step up! We went to the Dominican for my birthday. Okay, I expected Mr.S to make me lunch but instead we rushed and had Swiss Chalet… which I like btw. Finally, this year… it was awesomes.

Dec 3 part 2 | Let me continue… We arrived back at the condo after the macaron making class. We had some snack, played taboo, and had dinner at the Beestro. (not bistro). It had a nice welcoming atmosphere. Not intimidating with loud music. But also doesn’t smell like pee or alcohol for a pub/bar type thing. They also had food served outside of pubs so that’s good. That was some deelish macaroni. Liked the wings too. The server was welcoming and interacted with our group too.

After dinner, we ended up at the condo to play some more Taboo. I love this game. Only because I can never truly suck at it. I’m a great guesser … and a so-so clue giver. Well it’s partially my fault for not being a great clue giver but also I find that for some people, stuff don’t click in their head as quickly as me and my bff, Yuks. (pronounced Youks not Yucks). Like I told Mr.S “Shoes that you hate”. OMG. We had lengthy discussions about how much he hates them but he did not get it. I was hoping he’d say converse and then we could get to Chuck Taylors. And it happened a few times with other people. I guess something might be obvious to me but not to others. Lol. Surprisingly Amanda and Mr.S were a good pair and so were Mr.S and YC. YC and Yuks – let’s not even talk about it. And me and Yuks… it’s not even fair. That’s cause she’s a great guesser <3
The boys

The girls … and Danny! (clearly I don’t have many female friends in real life and I don’t care. Personally, it’s too high maintenance. You don’t even know what happened and next thing you know, you’re deleted off her Facebook page. HA!!)

Then we brought out the cake. This was baked by my bff, Yuks. I feel so loved! Speaking of baking, I also made a strawberry shortcake for that person I mentioned above. (cough) ….

It looks beautiful!! It was as if she bought it at the store. Very professional. Even has that chocolate cookie.

I get a strawberry. Oh and they urged me to cut the cake but apparently it’s bad luck if you do. UM They make me cut my own cake at work …. AND SERVE IT TO PEOPLE TOO… LOL!!

Re: Chuck Taylors – upon further discussion or me berating him saying HOW DO YOU FORGET SOMETHING YOU HATE … lol … we agreed that I should’ve “broken it down” for him and I came up with this: Gossip Girl something Bass (Chuck – yeah he knows who he is) and something Lautner or something Swift (Taylor). LOLOL

Dec 4 | So my actual birthday officially started at midnight. Our friends left sometime after. Then we went to bed and no, there was no surprise birthday breakfast… like they do in tv shows. So Mr.S told me to get ready while he’s at the gym and to be ready by 1. We rushed to Yorkville and … by mentioning Avenue Road, I knew it was afternoon tea. Only because I told him I wanted to do afternoon tea on my birthday. Now, it’s a question of where. (I had a feeling where it was)

And I was right. We ended up at the Four Seasons in Yorkville. I must say, it’s definitely not as pretty as a Fairmont. Mr.S went to Vancouver a few weeks ago for a business trip and was telling me about the Fairmont he stayed at and it was very high-tech and nice.

A post wouldn’t be complete without my face on it.

Mr.S looking cute and Duffy <3 You can't tell but it was starting to rain outside. Oh the power of the iphone.... lol. So I want to be honest and say that I love afternoon tea not because I'm crazy about tea (although my kitchen begs to differ) but because I love the atmosphere and the idea of just having a nice afternoon with Mr.S or friends, and getting served cute little things.
Here is our tray.

Shrimp salad. I wanted to give you a more detailed menu but I looked at the site and it’s totally wrong. Well, not updated… Anyway this was really deelish. We made sure that there were no onions in our sandwiches. SO it won’t turn out like last time at the Fairmont. Okay, just to let everyone know… just because you have one bad experience at a Tea place, doesn’t mean it will be like that next time around. So I’m not crossing Fairmont off my list. I mean there’s only so many places in Toronto with Tea. Also, they change it once a quarter, maybe. And there’s seasonal menus too. So yeah, don’t write them off just yet.

This tasted weird. You know those dried chinese mushrooms … they have this taste to it. Well that’s what this tasted like. It’s supposed to be roast beef or something.

Salmon gravlax. (think smoked salmon but not smokey? It’s cured though) Very delicious. Next time I host afternoon tea, I’ll see if I can get my hands on some…

Cucumber, dill, cream cheese sandwich? Very um refreshing.

To end the sandwiches, here’s the Apple and cheddar sandwich. Yum. It has this smokey cheese taste.

Then we had scones. They had the cream + lemon curd type of thing available as spreads. OMFG yum. Seriously.

On to desserts. Okay, I only bothered taking pics of this one cause the cream looked really good. Bad idea eating the cream in one bite. I had to eat some of the carrot cake to balance it out. HAHA.

So we went to the Hudson Bay Centre to buy some stuff. Well it was Mr.S, being last minute, buying me a card. I AM UPSET THAT ONLY TWO PEOPLE WROTE ME CARDS BECAUSE I PAINSTAKENLY WROTE ONE FOR EVERYONE.

We got home and he took some time writing the card in the bed room.


I loved it when I saw it in the store, but I love it even more now. It actually smells really good. Feel free to smell me next time. HAHAHAHA.

Then the next surprise was also not a surprise cause I like to keep guessing. We’re going to Wizard of Oz! YAY. I am too tired to write a review at this point. It was just so much fun. There were songs from back in the day and new ones like Lady Gaga (ugh). The lady chastised me for taking a picture at the beginning but I managed these two.

It’s now a tradition to watch these Ross Petty productions!

So what traditions do you follow? – not so much cultural but just something you do with your family every year…

I leave you with a picture of Duffy.

Amazing birthday weekend! Part I | A tale of failed bbqs and the art of macaronnage :)

Amazing bday weekend trumps a Catalina Island complaint post so …. yeah!

Dec 2nd | Okay, so it’s not part of my birthday weekend but it’s part of the weekend that my birthday falls under so… We went to dinner to Swish by Han on Wellington. I DO NOT recommend going there. Lol. I mean I dislike fusion restaurants, and not too keen on korean food to begin with. BUT I thought because it’s fusion korean, it should fix it. I poured through their limited menu a few times before going there. Anyway, first complaint, dude greeted me with whats up! I don’t like that. LOL. Next, refused to accept my Open Table cert. Okay so I didn’t call ahead to tell you, but I made a reservation. What’s the big deal? It’s cash-value. It’s not like I’m giving you some discount thing or whatever. (Plus the cheque said the restaurant had to honour it) And why do they need to know in advance? Does that mean they’re giving us lesser quality food? I understand if it’s a prix-fixe thing and whatnot but this is regular meal and the Open Table cert./cheque is like cash. WTF! What upset me was his attitude when he declined it and did not apologize. APOLOGIZE TO ME! Anyway, seafood crepes were not up to standard. I can get this for cheaper somewhere else and it will satisfy me. Where’s the seafood crepe sauce btw? Next, the main was like some bbq table set (“galbi” or so I said to the server) that comes with apps and whatnot. I got the apps but what about the whatnot or my wantnots. I was expecting tofu stew, and some other set. I wasn’t able to complain at that time since I did not remember it came with those things (til reviewing the menu at home after I was fuming). So no tofu stew for Anndie and Mr.S. Okay, so we wouldn’t have eaten it BUT the fact of the matter is – it did not come. Furthermore, the “galbi” was square little pieces of meat. Wasn’t super tender, nor was the marinate to die for… so I don’t see the price = quality. It’s like price > quality. The bill was $61 (tax and tip included, I guess) for 1 app, 1 main, and 1 drink (which is 3 shots). We normally get 3 rolls, and 2 orders of sashimi for less than that and we would be like stuffed by then. Craving meat? Go to the Korean Grill house (many locations) for $14.99/pp + tax & tip instead. Or if you don’t want to cook your food, go to Copacabana on Eglinton for $40/pp + tax & tip.

Dec 3 | After our 10 hour sleep (we woke for an hour to eat some snack), I woke up got ready and cleaned the condo. So Mr.S did most of the cleaning but I did some stuff too ya know. For example, I hid the basket of clothes in the laundry room… among other things… My bff, Yuki came over with her DBF, YC (dear boyfriend for those who are not in the know lol). YC brought over a big present! The sheets from Potter Barn. Love! <3 And to add to that love, they brought over a cake. (pic later). We rushed out to the streetcar stop and headed to Le Dolci. We would’ve gotten there earlier had we gone on the earlier streetcar (whatever nbd), and had I not just stood there looking at my phone. I mean, I really should trust my instincts. We were right in front of the place, I just didn’t see the address to confirm my instincts. First impression – what a freaking beautiful lobby!!!!!! Second thing – we were late OMFG! Lol..

Beautiful lobby. Why can’t our condo do that? I mean … they probably spent so much money on those garbage paintings. (There was a painting I was eyeing on Galerie Christin the other day and found out it costs $5500 … so I assume they’re mostly around that price range). Seriously!

My bff, Yuki, and I. <3
Amanda and I <3
Tis me, measuring icing sugar on the electric scale. Buy me one? It’s $10 at Canadian Tire. 🙂

We’re all taking turns with the measuring!

First appearance of Mr.S and YC for this post! Woop. Some more measuring involved… hahaa

Random yummy pics – but of course those are on display and not for eating.

So we did two macarons. One is pumpkin and one is a mint chocolate. I have not tasted them yet… I am quite scared LOL. Anyway, we got to do the piping of the macarons. (Learned the proper technique) Plus, we also did the piping of the filling. I’m disappointed it wasn’t as hands on as I thought but I should’ve gotten that from the fact that it was only 2 hours. And there was the issue about the oven malfunctioning. It was losing heat. I can tell it really frazzled the instructor. From her sweet personality, you can see hints of OMFGIAMSOANNOYEDWITHTHISRN peaking out.

Mint chocolate!

The right macaron size? Haha. Actually, this may be a little too tiny.

Nevertheless, I had loads of fun. I’ll continue this tomorrow with stories from the evening and the actual birthday. Wheee.

My First Murder Mystery

I should write my blogs in chronological order from when it happened but I am just so busy! I do however, want to take the time to write about my first ever Murder Mystery party.

First of all, I was so stressed out because I had NO idea what I wanted to make. Well I did but we didn’t get a chance to go to a certain grocery store and I wasn’t able to get duck. After some snarky remarks, and mood swings (pms-ing), the food was prepared and we’re ready to go with my party. In case you’re wondering – Pao de Quiejo for some finger foods. Crab cakes for app, pasta for main and fruit kebabs for dessert. They were supposed to get a bowl of melted chocolate too but maybe some other time.

Here is a picture of my lovely guests. They’re holding stuffed plushies that Mr.S and I won during our trip in Deerhurst. (more on that on another post)

I just want to thank Mr.S for being the best boyfriend ever for putting up with me (and my pms-ing). He helped out tons! He set up the plates in the party room and served the pasta. He did a lot of the cleaning and the best part, he gave up game time for me <3 On the topic of being thankful, I want to say thanks to my wonderful guests! I wasn’t sure if people were going to be into it but everyone was! It was great! My murder mystery party was fantasy themed and people came as vampires, people from the were clan, faes, mages and even mortals. Duffy even got to be part of it! (he was terrified that people were pulling down his pants) After serving my crab cakes, my guests were left to mingle. Next thing you know, a murder has occured.
The Murder victims – Yuki as Kieran and YC as Gregori. I must say that I had a hard time keeping myself from laughing when I screamed ‘OMG THERE’S DEAD BODIES OVER HERE’ … something like that.

I made my announcement and no one was allowed to leave the room. But for some reason people felt like they can walk into the party room whenever they pleased. And by people I mean random strangers that have no relation to my party omfg! I don’t have a picture but there is a pathway behind the general eating area so I wasn’t perturbed by it TOO much. However, two women who shall remain nameless (obviously since I don’t know them) decided that they can waltz in TWICE in the dining area… TWICE I SAID TWICE!!! How rude! If I ever see them having a party, you better bet your bottom dollar I am waltzing in there like nobody’s business.

Just wanted to show you a picture of my “son”, Puck. (I was Queen Tatiana, ruler of the Fae kingdom with my husband of course) And to his right, his real life girlfriend, who won best costume. She deserves it for putting together a costume for $10!!! (Best costume and performer won a certificate to a spa for a mani/pedi/facial/massage)

Mr.S (King Oberon) and I (Queen Tatiana)

Lots of fun was had. A friend of mine had another under a spell the whole entire time and she depended on me to get her out of it but I lost the antidote so she was stuck under the spell the whole entire night. It was hilarious … until I was under spell where I had to mimic her. HAHA. I was disappointed that there weren’t enough killings but it was overall a great night.

We spent the rest of the night outside at the terrace deep in conversation with each other. This is the view from where we sat. Wonderful night! Next time, barbeque!

The best boyfriend ever

Have you been to or thrown a Murder Mystery party before?