Wishlist 2017

To make your lives easier, here’s a list of a few things that caught my eye this year πŸ™‚

β™₯ Maison Margiela | Replica ‘Jazz Club’ [Link here]
β™₯ Drunk Elephant | Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil [Link here]
β™₯ Tocca | Isabel [Link here]
β™₯ Kat Von D | Shade & Light Refill in Lucid, Lyric, Levitation [Link here]
β™₯ Sephora Collection | Ultimate 5-in-1 sharpener [Link here]

β™₯ Rifle Paper | 2018 linen planner[Link here]
β™₯ Illume | Vanity Tin Candle [Link here]
β™₯ Matt & Nat | Baxter Bag [Link here]
β™₯ WHAT DO YOU MEME? [Link here]
β™₯ My Cinema Lightbox | LED Lightbox [Link here]

And if you can’t get a lightbox from Chapters, you can also get it here
β™₯ Amped & Co | Original Lightbox [Link here]
β™₯ Amped & Co | Extra Symbol Pack [Link here]

β™₯ Glossier | Rosewater Spray [Link here]

β™₯ Ted Baker | Enamel Double Button Cuff [Link here]

β™₯ J.Crew | Fuzzy Slippers in Med/Natural [Link here]

β™₯ Stella & Dot | PavΓ© Wishing Bracelet [Link here]

Wishlist 2016

My last post was my 2015 wishlist. Woops. LOL.

β™₯ (Saks) Memo – Marfa EDP – [Link here]

β™₯ Illume candle – Thai Lily – [Link here]

β™₯ Sephora Collection – Holy Sheet – [Link here]

β™₯ Benefit – Bigger & Bolder Brows – [Link here]

β™₯ (Saks) Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle – [Link here]

β™₯ (Saks) Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir Candle– [Link here]

β™₯ Stella & Dot – Jolie Sparkle Chain Link Necklace – [Link here]

β™₯ Stella & Dot – Pave Wishing Bracelet – [Link here]

β™₯ Ted Baker – Olliia Porcelain Rose Wash Bag – [Link here]

β™₯ Kate Spade – It’s A Tie Bow Reversible Earrings – [Link here]

β™₯ Kate Spade – Out To Lunch Tote – [Link here]

β™₯ Voluspa – Maison Metallo Candle – Laguna – [Link here]

β™₯ Also I’ll be happy with some succulents (cute ones for my desk)

There’s no need to get me books! If you really want me to read a book (that you absolutely love and think I will love), please feel free to email me the title instead.

Wishlist 2015

Since a few people have asked, I guess I’ll come up with a few things that are nice to have this year.

β™₯ ChloΓ© – Love Story – [Link here]

β™₯ Tory Burch – Zip card key fob – [Link here]

β™₯ Kate Spade – Dainty Sparklers Bar Y necklace – [Link here]

β™₯ Kat Von D – Shade & Light Contour Palette – [Link here]

β™₯ Sphero BB-8 Droid – [Link here]

—And thanks to GBBO, I’d like some baking supplies—

β™₯ Silpat mat – [Link here]

β™₯ Williams-Sonoma Pastry Tools – [Link here]

β™₯ Williams-Sonoma Gold Touch Non Stick Cooling Rack – [Link here]

β™₯ Traditional Flour Sifter – [Link here]

β™₯ Ateco Pastry & Decorating Tips – [Link here]

I’ll appreciate whatever you get me but please don’t buy me books.

Wishlist 2014

It’s 30 days until my birthday and 51 days until Christmas… so to make your lives easier (and in case you need to order it), here’s my wishlist for 2014.

β™₯ Sultra The Bombshell 1″ [link here]

β™₯ Versace Bright Crystal [link here]

β™₯ Kate Spade Dictionary iPhone5 Case [link here]

β™₯ Anthropologie Valloire Dotty Gloves [link here]

β™₯ Anthropologie Houndstooth Perla Placemats [link here]

β™₯ Marc Jacobs Daisy Mini Duo [link here]

β™₯ Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand cream 250ml [link here]

β™₯ Ruche Vanilla Kiss Mocha Scarf [link here]

β™₯ Mark Nixon Much Loved [link here]

β™₯ Jeffrey Brown Kids are weird [link here] β™₯ Jeffrey Brown Good night Darth Vader [link here] Thanks Mana!

β™₯ Nala Cat Winter Wonderland Bandana [link here] β™₯ Nala Cat Here comes Santa Claus Bandana [link here] β™₯ Nala Cat Blue Penguins Bow Tie [link here]

I also really want coasters but there’s too many or too little to choose from. (read: there are many coasters that all look the same to me)

A big thank you in advance! πŸ™‚