Wishlist 2014

It’s 30 days until my birthday and 51 days until Christmas… so to make your lives easier (and in case you need to order it), here’s my wishlist for 2014.

Sultra The Bombshell 1″ [link here]

Versace Bright Crystal [link here]

Kate Spade Dictionary iPhone5 Case [link here]

Anthropologie Valloire Dotty Gloves [link here]

Anthropologie Houndstooth Perla Placemats [link here]

Marc Jacobs Daisy Mini Duo [link here]

Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand cream 250ml [link here]

Ruche Vanilla Kiss Mocha Scarf [link here]

Mark Nixon Much Loved [link here]

Jeffrey Brown Kids are weird [link here] ♥ Jeffrey Brown Good night Darth Vader [link here] Thanks Mana!

Nala Cat Winter Wonderland Bandana [link here] ♥ Nala Cat Here comes Santa Claus Bandana [link here] ♥ Nala Cat Blue Penguins Bow Tie [link here]

I also really want coasters but there’s too many or too little to choose from. (read: there are many coasters that all look the same to me)

A big thank you in advance! 🙂

Wishlist 2013

I know I haven’t been active lately but there’s a reason. I will be updating with fun things soon but for now this will have to do. If it makes you feel any better, my own journal and my diary have not been touched in months! From lack of energy among other things…

Since my birthday is 33 days away, here is my wishlist! (To make your lives easier)

—-in no particular order below—-

♥ Michael Kors Mid-Size Navy Leather Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch [Link here]

♥ Tiffany Return to Tiffany Heart Key Pendant [Link here]

♥ Tiffany Elsa Peretti Open Heart [Link here]

♥ Tiffany Infinity bracelet [Link here]

♥ CHLOE Chloé Eau de Parfum [Link here]

♥ Urban Decay NAKED2 [Link here]

♥ 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Mini Satchel [Link here]

♥ Kate Spade Glitter Bug Small Flat Pouch (rose gold) [Link here]

♥ HBC City Tote Bag [Link here]

♥ Paul’s Boutique Maisy Bag [Link here]

♥ CuisinartIce cream maker [Link here]

♥ ALDO Bulman watch[Link here]

Wishlist 2012

I was torn on whether to put up a wishlist or not. I was watching Happy Endings (or some show with a birthday episode) where the birthday girl said that she would rather be surprisingly disappointed than expectingly(not a real word) content. Don’t quote on me on that. What I’m trying to say is that I would rather get something that I didn’t ask for and be happy/disappointed (knowing that you took the time to pick it out for me) than know that I will be just content getting what I got what I asked for. Does that make sense? Never mind. Anyway, since my birthday is 27 days away as of today, here’s my wishlist to make your lives easier. (Random but I looked up my old wishlist and I also wrote it 27 days before my birthday)

————–In no particular order below—————

♥Tiffany’s Tiffany Keys Twist Heart Pendant [Link here]

♥Tory Burch Felt Ella Tote [Link here]

♥Kate Spade Le Pavillion Large Manuela [Link here]

♥Duffy & Shellie May handpuppets [Link here]

♥Duffy clothes [001/002/003/004/005]
♥Degrassi (previously known as Degrassi: The Next Generation) DVDs (S1-11) [Link here] Don’t judge me.

♥BVLGARI Omnia Coral 2.2 oz [Link here]

♥Someone to finish my manuscript on my behalf?

I know the past few years I was a big advocate for handmade stuff but not this year.


Amazing birthday weekend! Part I | A tale of failed bbqs and the art of macaronnage :)

Amazing bday weekend trumps a Catalina Island complaint post so …. yeah!

Dec 2nd | Okay, so it’s not part of my birthday weekend but it’s part of the weekend that my birthday falls under so… We went to dinner to Swish by Han on Wellington. I DO NOT recommend going there. Lol. I mean I dislike fusion restaurants, and not too keen on korean food to begin with. BUT I thought because it’s fusion korean, it should fix it. I poured through their limited menu a few times before going there. Anyway, first complaint, dude greeted me with whats up! I don’t like that. LOL. Next, refused to accept my Open Table cert. Okay so I didn’t call ahead to tell you, but I made a reservation. What’s the big deal? It’s cash-value. It’s not like I’m giving you some discount thing or whatever. (Plus the cheque said the restaurant had to honour it) And why do they need to know in advance? Does that mean they’re giving us lesser quality food? I understand if it’s a prix-fixe thing and whatnot but this is regular meal and the Open Table cert./cheque is like cash. WTF! What upset me was his attitude when he declined it and did not apologize. APOLOGIZE TO ME! Anyway, seafood crepes were not up to standard. I can get this for cheaper somewhere else and it will satisfy me. Where’s the seafood crepe sauce btw? Next, the main was like some bbq table set (“galbi” or so I said to the server) that comes with apps and whatnot. I got the apps but what about the whatnot or my wantnots. I was expecting tofu stew, and some other set. I wasn’t able to complain at that time since I did not remember it came with those things (til reviewing the menu at home after I was fuming). So no tofu stew for Anndie and Mr.S. Okay, so we wouldn’t have eaten it BUT the fact of the matter is – it did not come. Furthermore, the “galbi” was square little pieces of meat. Wasn’t super tender, nor was the marinate to die for… so I don’t see the price = quality. It’s like price > quality. The bill was $61 (tax and tip included, I guess) for 1 app, 1 main, and 1 drink (which is 3 shots). We normally get 3 rolls, and 2 orders of sashimi for less than that and we would be like stuffed by then. Craving meat? Go to the Korean Grill house (many locations) for $14.99/pp + tax & tip instead. Or if you don’t want to cook your food, go to Copacabana on Eglinton for $40/pp + tax & tip.

Dec 3 | After our 10 hour sleep (we woke for an hour to eat some snack), I woke up got ready and cleaned the condo. So Mr.S did most of the cleaning but I did some stuff too ya know. For example, I hid the basket of clothes in the laundry room… among other things… My bff, Yuki came over with her DBF, YC (dear boyfriend for those who are not in the know lol). YC brought over a big present! The sheets from Potter Barn. Love! <3 And to add to that love, they brought over a cake. (pic later). We rushed out to the streetcar stop and headed to Le Dolci. We would’ve gotten there earlier had we gone on the earlier streetcar (whatever nbd), and had I not just stood there looking at my phone. I mean, I really should trust my instincts. We were right in front of the place, I just didn’t see the address to confirm my instincts. First impression – what a freaking beautiful lobby!!!!!! Second thing – we were late OMFG! Lol..

Beautiful lobby. Why can’t our condo do that? I mean … they probably spent so much money on those garbage paintings. (There was a painting I was eyeing on Galerie Christin the other day and found out it costs $5500 … so I assume they’re mostly around that price range). Seriously!

My bff, Yuki, and I. <3
Amanda and I <3
Tis me, measuring icing sugar on the electric scale. Buy me one? It’s $10 at Canadian Tire. 🙂

We’re all taking turns with the measuring!

First appearance of Mr.S and YC for this post! Woop. Some more measuring involved… hahaa

Random yummy pics – but of course those are on display and not for eating.

So we did two macarons. One is pumpkin and one is a mint chocolate. I have not tasted them yet… I am quite scared LOL. Anyway, we got to do the piping of the macarons. (Learned the proper technique) Plus, we also did the piping of the filling. I’m disappointed it wasn’t as hands on as I thought but I should’ve gotten that from the fact that it was only 2 hours. And there was the issue about the oven malfunctioning. It was losing heat. I can tell it really frazzled the instructor. From her sweet personality, you can see hints of OMFGIAMSOANNOYEDWITHTHISRN peaking out.

Mint chocolate!

The right macaron size? Haha. Actually, this may be a little too tiny.

Nevertheless, I had loads of fun. I’ll continue this tomorrow with stories from the evening and the actual birthday. Wheee.