Happy Holidays and a Year in Review.

Yes, I’m a bit late but the holidays were pretty damn hectic. Sure I did my Christmas shopping earlier but there was a matter of divvying up my time with errands, my family, and Mr.S’ family. December 24 especially. I really wanted to go to YC’s house to decorate his beer Christmas tree but alas, I’m hoping Yuki would do it for me? 🙂 Speaking of, do I need to re-wrap your gift so you can be surprised? LOL! Thanks for letting me use it. It drove Mr.S nuts I think after we left your house… haha!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate and that all your holiday wishes came true.

Thank you to all my friends who made this month amazing! Ok minus the fact that people who I sent cards to didn’t acknowledge that I sent them one but whatever…

I’ll be making use of my new Christmas presents soon – making icecream tonight. I got myself an icecream maker courtesy of my mother.

No new year’s resolutions really but here’s a year in review. I used to do this every year but man, been busy/forgetful.

First ever geocache
Winterlicious with our couple bff <3 Mr.S turned 2* (he's like a woman when it comes to his age) Started cooking more seriously February
Not alone this Valentine’s day. Awesome!
Went for an interview, and got a new job (offer)!

Started my new job
Walk to/from home daily
Started the move to Mr.S’ place officially

Officially moved in with Mr.S *squeal*
First ever Afternoon Tea experience at the Fairmont Royal York hotel
Ronald McDonald House Home for Dinner volunteer experience

Went to London
Went to Paris and realized how smelly it is
Visited my cousin in England

Hosted my own tea party 🙂
Road trip to Huntsville and stayed at Deerhurst resort, my idea of camping
Hosted my very first murder mystery party
(let’s do it again, next year)

I don’t really remember other than I got my first luxebox

Dyed my hair dark brown *shock*

Revived my forum

Went to Los Angeles for the 2nd time
Went to Disneyland for the 2nd time
Went to Catalina Island for the 1st and last time
Went to San Diego
Met up with Joey and Lena from the forum
Met celebrity basketball player Rick Fox

Surprise afternoon tea birthday party for my bff, Yuks

Eep I turned 23!
Went to the Ross Petty production of Wizard of Oz (maybe a new tradition?)
Lots of family stuff for Christmas
Year ending soon…

What’s your favourite Christmas gift this year?